Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last of 2007 Pictures!

Here is us in Idaho Falls during Christmas time. Avery is sleeping with Grandpa. Then she got to meet Santa Claus! How fun! The Adams have a traditional Christmas Eve dinner: FONDUE! Yum! It was a lot of fun. After dinner we had the Nativity Scene. Yep the is Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. Then comes the angel, wisemen, and shepards. The Adams also do a Christmas morning run. You start on the steps and then run down to the Christmas tree. Dad, Mike, Avery, and me weren't too exciting. Avery and me were posing and then the is Santa Baby Avery! What a good year! 2007 was full of fun and love and life changes! All for the better!
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2007 Cont'd

The top right picture was at my baby shower that Aunt Susan threw me. She did an amazing job and it was super fun! The second picture is when I shaved Mike's head and I did such a bad job that he ended up taking over. Um look how HUGE I am in the next picture, yikes! I forgot how big I was. The next pictures are of Avery's birth. Sweet baby girl! We are so happy to have her with us!
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2007 Pictures Cont'd

This was the Garza family sealing. All of Michael's siblings are here. We are just missing Natalie's husband Ryan, and David and Melissa's kids. We are a good looking family aren't we! Oh and Avery isn't missing. She is the ball in my tummy!
We met Mom and Heidi up in Park City one weekend. We had Holden stay with us a couple days before and we met them up there to have some fun and drop Holden off.
We went on a road trip with Michael's parents. We ended up having a really good time. This picture up here was taken in the same spot that Mom and Dad Adams took when they were dating... I think if I remember the story right.
Looking for elk with Dad Adams. I actually spotted the one in the background first and I was so excited. If you know Michael, it is quite an accomplishment to find an animal before he does. He has these eyes that can find an animal on the tip of the mountain at night. It is pretty impressive, so I felt pretty cool finding the elk first.
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Michael's family has the amazing tradition of going to Bear Lake every summer. It is SO fun! This year was my second time going and I am so excited to go again! Jeris and Suzanna (Mike's best friend) are also regulars. Kiara came along with us this year for a well needed break. It is so fun though because Mom Adams rents a condo and we all stay there squished and all. It is what families are all about. I am excited for the next time we get to go, hopefully this year!
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2007 Memories

Mom Adams sent Michael and I some random pictures she had from 2007. It was kind of fun to look through and I want to share some memories from before my blogging time.
This was when I got my endowments taken out at the Idaho Falls Temple. It was so great to have my mom, sister, grandparents and all my in-laws. We missed my dad and his parents but it was a wonderful experience.
This is us with Jennifer, Mike's oldest sister, and his parents.
This is Grandma, Mom and Alisha at the Idaho Falls.
Don't worry, WAY more to come.
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Sunday, February 24, 2008


are hard days. Sunday used to be my favorite day of the week because we could sleep in without feeling guilty, then get up, turn some Church music on, make a good breakfast, shower, go to Church, be spiritually uplifted, be ready for the rest of the week, come home, eat a good dinner, visit with family and friends, and then go to sleep. Well now with a baby who does have a mind of her own and likes and dislikes certain things, Sundays are not as peaceful. Morning routines aren't too different, minus the sleeping in. But Avery is a wonderful nap taker so we usually can get a nap in before church when she does if we need it. Now you might wonder how we can get all that done before church. Well our church is from 2-5. Not fun to say the least. Avery can get her good morning nap in but her good afternoon nap is out the window. Avery without her afternoon nap = a very sensitive, sleepy, irritated, uncomfortable, spitty baby. Like I said before, Avery is a wonderful nap taker, but only if she is in her bed. She does not easily fall asleep in our arms (Mike is better at it than me unless I can get her to breastfeed) or carseat. But her crib, give her five minutes with her passy and she is out like a light.

Well at about 1:30 Avery was ready to go down for her nap and she was quite mad at me when I didn't put her down. She was like "hello mom I am giving you all the sleepy signs, give me my crib and passy or else...". Well the "or else" happened.

So we get to church and Avery looks cute as always. She was wearing a little jean skirt that Alisha gave her, so I also wore a jean skirt that Alisha let me borrow (thanks Alisha!). I figured that we could take cute little family pictures when we got home. But tired Avery equals spitty Avery and by the time I made it home, the only place that I did not have spit up marks was probably my midback, but then again I can't really see there so I probably had it there too. So there are no pictures with my blog, just venting.

I decided to go try and feed her and get her to fall asleep, but by 2:30 she was not having it. She was too mad to eat. We woke up all the other babies in the mother's lounge. I finally decided to stop trying and I ended up laying her down on one of the chairs on her belly with her passy. Asleep in 2 minutes. So we spent the rest of Sacrament there. But she woke up in time for Sunday school so we went and she was pretty happy at first. She was smiling and playing with a little 6mos boy in the ward. But that ended pretty fast because he was tired too. So we went back to try and eat again to get her to go to sleep. Mad, mad baby. So I finally calmed her down with toys and we went to RS. She was good for about 10 minutes, enough to get through most of the opening and then she fell apart. Anytime another baby cried she cried. I couldn't console her with toys. So we ended back up in the mother's lounge. I tried to feed her once again. She cried and then finally latched on. But she cried enough to make another baby cry, so then Avery started crying again. Ugh. I finally decided to give up at 4:35. I went to priesthood and pulled Michael out and told him we had to leave (I would have gone by myself BUT today when we left it was warm and sunny and beautiful to say the least. I was in short sleeves and we walked up the hill to church. Well when we left it was hailing outside. The hill was slippy for sure and I was not going to take on that adventure by myself with a fussy baby in arms). We got home, put Avery in her crib, and she was out in a minute flat.

Needless to say, the 2 1/2 hours that I was at church I heard one talk, half a lesson, and good news in RS, but I can't really remember any of it. Hopefully next week will be a tad bit better. She has gotten worse these last two weeks so maybe its just a phase. Hopefully. We used to be able to get her to nap throughout church and even stay asleep after we got home. Maybe that Avery will come back... I'm not holding my breath.

I must say that after all this complaining I still think Avery is the cutest, sweetest, most fun little baby! She is good other than Sundays, but everyone has there exceptions. Oh and sorry for the no pictures. I know it is hard to read a post without some pictures. My charger broke for my mac so we can't turn it on and that is where most of the pictures are and we didn't take any today to put onto Mike's computer. But I promise some soon. Thanks for listening to my rants and raves!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Long Peaceful Sleep

Avery slept from 8:30 last night until 6:45 this morning! That is a REALLY long time! Way to go baby! Maybe this is the first of many nights to come, but I am not getting my hopes up. Plus being a breastfeeding mother has its downsides to long peaceful sleep. But I definitely could get used to it! Now I just need to get smart enough to go to bed soon after the baby so I get the sleep she does. I am still not making it there until like 1am. Dumb, dumb me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


After much speculating who Avery looks like, Michael ran across this picture of himself. Now if we were to doctor this photo up a bit and put a bow on his head, and maybe puff his cheeks a bit, it would be Avery to a T! They seriously have the same eyes, I love it! I was looking through my pictures to find a photo of Avery making this exact face, because she does, but I apparently haven't been able to capture it on film. I will try, but Avery does not always do what I want her to when the camera comes out. She stares at it with amazement. I think I should make it a regular toy for her so she won't be in such awe when she sees it... maybe then I could capture some cute smiles such as the one above.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S!Avery in her dress from Mayfield cousins

Who would of thought two years ago today (our first date) that Michael and I would be where we are now. Married, one cute baby, and blissfully happy! Hope everyone has a great Valentine's today, and if your aren't this should make you feel better: Michael is taking a test tonight.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2 Months and Growing

We went to the doctor on Monday for Avery's 2 month check up. We were a week late because last Monday I thought her appointment was at 2pm when really it was at 9am. So they had to reschedule. You think I would be able to get somethings straight but nope.... Anyways, we had to go in and I was dreading it ALL day. Michael has work/school all day everyday so I had enlisted Ashley and Lauren to go with me but when I had to switch the date I lost them. So I had to muster up my courage and take my baby in to get her shots by myself. I have to give props to my nurse though, I told her that I would probably cry more than Avery and she tried to make me feel okay about my uncontrollable emotions. She seriously gave Avery her 4 shots in 10 seconds. I was impressed. Avery was not as impressed, actually she wasn't impressed at all just mad, real real mad. She screamed for a minute and then continued to cry for 5 or 10 minutes. She would settle down a little and I would start to say, "see it wasn't so bad.." and she would go at it again. She was not going to let me forget the traumatic experience she had to go through. She finally did settle down and I fed her and she passed out in her car seat. It was a hard day. I followed the nurse's recommendation and went and bought infant Tylenol and gave her a dose when she woke up. She has been good despite what she went through. You can see her little bandaids on her legs. She didn't enjoy them when I had to take them off. I seriously can't win with these shots!Avery is a big healthy girl. She is now 13 lbs and 3 oz and 24.4 inches long. This puts her into the 90th percentile for weight and 94th percentile for height. Her head circumference was 39.2 which is the 57th percentile. The doctor was impressed with her growth and told me to continue doing whatever I have been. That always makes a mom feel a little better. I am also glad to know that most of my rocky road ice cream and chocolate chip cookies have been going straight through me and to her. This is good because she is a lot cuter with chunks than I would ever be able to pull off. I think half her weight is in her cheeks. They just keep getting bigger and even more fun to kiss. Our friends' daughter June met Avery and kept saying "Baby, I love you" and then would come and pinch her cheeks. Even 2 year olds can't get enough of her cute cheeks.
I couldn't figure out how to turn this picture so sorry. But look at those chunks! So sweet. I actually had to loosen Avery's diaper so when she sat up she wouldn't become one big roll. Haha. The afghan behind her was made by my best friends Grace. We just got it in the mail yesterday and it has already become a favorite because it is sooo soft. I love it. Thanks Gracie!
Avery is also a drool fest. The doctor said that babies start to teeth between 2-4 months so we are heading down that road. We are glad that it is only slobbering right now, but we seriously can't keep her chin dry. It is a constant battle that I lose to everyday. Oh well! I like this little jacket because when I zip it up it keeps her passy in her mouth. She usually gets bored in the car and it is hard to keep her binky in when driving so this solved our problem! She was happy the whole time in the car. Well enough Avery stories for now but we definitely have more for tomorrow!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

One Year and Still Going Strong

WHOOP WHOOP!!Today we "celebrated" our 1 year anniversary! It is crazy to think of what was going on a year ago. I definitely did not think that I would be were we are today. Wymount... not too surprising, still madly in love... that's a given, graduated... finally, a 2 month old baby... SURPRISE! It has definitely been a year full of events but who better to experience it with than Michael, my best friend and the boy who melts my heart. This year has gone by in a flash, but like they say, time flies when you are having fun.
Now back to my "celebration". Sunday is not really a day you can go out and celebrate and so we had planned to party hardy on Saturday. Well since we are poor we couldn't go to a day spa like I had wanted or have Michael buy me jewelry and me buy him an ipod or spend a night in a luxurious hotel or go back to Hawaii... all just dreams. Mike was in charge of our 6 month so I had to plan our 1 year. I decided to stay within our budget and planned on going to the temple, out for lunch, and run some much needed errands while Ashley and Lauren (my old roomies) watched sweet Avery, then we were going to come home watch a movie and veg like couch potatoes.
But one of Michael's friends came in from out of town with wife and kid in tow long with another friend. They needed a place to stay and so we of course couldn't leave them stranded. What better way to celebrate than with friends, right? They came Friday night so we ended up not going to the temple and Michael went skiing with the boys, I ran errands with the girls and we all went out for dinner that night. Today we woke up and prepared breakfast and lunch ate with all our buds and then went to church. They left while we were at church so when we came home our little family took a nice cat nap. Kiara came over to visit and then Ashley and a friend came over to play Blokus, a new love of mine. So we didn't do anything to special or really "celebrate" but we had a great weekend. I also decided that a whole year of love deserves more than just a day of celebration so this coming week, everyday, Mike and I will find some way to remember our special day. Hopefully, the ideas will start flowing....
I do have to day that a year ago I didn't know for sure if I was making the right decision. I didn't know for sure that Michael was the person that I should marry and the boy who would make me happy for the rest of my life. But this year has proven to me that I made the right decision. Michael is the most patient, understanding, loving person that I have ever known. I am not an easy person to get along with, but as Lindsi said at Christmas 2006, "Michael is a Christmas miracle... who else would have married Carly." And it is true, Michael and I fit together like peanut butter and jelly. He is the peanut butter that sticks us together, peanut butter is also the best part of the sandwich. I am the jelly that is slippy and a little bit of jelly goes a really long way. If you have to much jelly it bruises the sandwich. Thanks to My Michael we make a pretty tasty sandwich. Just the right combination of everything.
I would make a list of all the reasons that I love Michael but it all comes down to the fact that a lot of times he knows me better than I know myself and when he doesn't he tries to understand. He doesn't ask why I am like I am or try to criticize me, but constantly is making me better. Anyone who knows Michael knows why I love him. Somehow I became lucky enough to marry him.