Sunday, May 24, 2009

What We've Been Doing...

Happy Mother's Day to me! (and Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's... you get the idea)Avery has been hanging out with B when I go over there to work. They are the best little friends... most of the time!
See how much they love each other!
We've been looking for bugs, mainly rolly pollies, but ants will do too.
We've been on a safari in the mall.
We've been goofy.
We've been hiding.
We've been playing in lots of dirt.
It is just so much fun to get messy!
We've been caught red handed...
counting Daddy's change in the corner of the closet.
We've been helping Gma and Gpa Adams move...
hard work! Thank goodness for Dad's strong muscles!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby 2...

What are you?

Boy or Girl?

What's your guess?

Okay so this won't be as much fun since all the family knows.

We are HAVING...

Better call to find out!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Avery and I spend two days a week at my aunt's house. I go to make a little moolah and Avery goes to play with her best friend (sometimes enemy) B. They are so cute together. My favorite is when I catch them in their own little world just giggling together. We had to give them candy to bribe them so that is why their cheeks are bulging... but still cute.Avery LOVES her daddy. They have so much fun playing together. I have no idea what she was doing in this picture but apparently it was cute enough to document!
Avery and her crazy afterbath hair. Look how long it is getting! Who would of thought?
This is Michael's best nap ever. For half of the nap Avery's arms were wrapped around Michael's neck. Avery of course woke up at the sound of the camera.
Easter! We went up to Idaho and participated in the Adams' family easter egg hunt... Michael came out as one of the top money winners! Yay!
Here is little Miss Avery in her little Easter dress. We had a hard time taking a picture, and believe it or not, this was the best one.
Cousins! Avery loves them all and the attention she gets from them (most of the time).
Avery showcasing her LOVE for dandelions or "wowas". Don't mind her mismatching outfit, we were about to go swimming.
Avery looking cute- first time I put her hair in the famous "fountain" hairdo. I loved having it out of her eyes!
Michael's graduation... before walking... don't mind the big belly, it just suddenly came out of nowhere and is getting bigger and bigger and bigger...
Cute little Miss playing while we were waiting for graduation to start.
Michael with Grandpa and Grandma Brimhall. Thanks for coming Gpa and Gma! We love you!
We are so proud that Michael graduated... well almost ;) Give us 5 more weeks.
After graduation we went up to Idaho. Avery is on the trampoline with the Adams' girls. She loved spending time with them, especially on the trampoline.
Avery accompanying Grandma A on the piano. She really had fun with following Gma A around and helping her out. Thanks Gma for letting her!
So that was April in a nutshell! So exciting! May should be even more laxed... especially for Michael, which means we get more time with him, YAY! We LOVE Daddy!