Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Still HERE!

I have been a TERRIBLE blogger since we have been back to Utah. I don't even think I have blogged here yet. But I do have a GOOD reason, promise:


Oh dear she is mobile and all over the place. It takes me longer to do everything with her, like put her down for a nap, change diapers, clean up after her, hold her while doing things, etc. She is so hilarious and so sweet so it is worth every second. We have just got our internet (so I am no longer using my neighbor's weak signal) so I was going to post some pictures, but then dear little angelic Avery came over and tried to use my laptop cord to pull herself up with and instead the computer dropped and it broke the cord so I can't charge my laptop. So who knows when I'll get a new one and when I will start posting regularly again. Until then I will just have to use Mike's whenever it is working and he's not on it (sorry for the underlining, don't know how to change it though I am sure it is easy).

I have been reading everyone's blogs and I am sorry I haven't commented on them, but here goes my comments:
Woohoo! Lacey is going to have her baby a week from Thursday if he doesn't come before that! I am excited to meet little Davis and I am sure he will add so much to his little family, let's just hope Lacey can handle it! We'll be praying for you and the baby to have a safe delivery and for you to make it for the next 18 years!
I am proud of Kena and Addie for joining the ranks of being mobile! Yay for them! There is so much world and so little time! Good luck keeping up Lish and Beth!
I am also very proud of Carden and Emma for earning half of the cost of a guinea pig with just a lemonade stand! Way to go!
I am jealous that Grandma and Grandpa Haynie was at Mom and Dad's! I haven't seen them since I got married and I miss them terribly! I will be excited to hear more about their time their!
I will be excited to hear about Cayman's soon-to-be crawling adventures! Good Luch Deidre, it gets even crazier!

Okay so hopefully I will organize myself and catch up on my posting....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

End of California...

We are now in Provo after spending the summer in Huntington Beach. We miss the beach and the friends we made there, but we are glad to be back in Provo close(r) to family and finishing school! Here are a few pictures of the last days...
We went to the San Diego temple one night. I always wanted to get married in that temple and going made me sad that I didn't. It was soo beautiful, beyond words! I love that temple (don't worry I love Timp temple too)!
We went out to dinner one night to celebrate our friend's birthday. This is a picture of Ave and I before.
This was after dinner at a park. Avery was in LOVE with her little boy. She would just watch him and laugh at anything he would do, even if it was trying to get away from her (which he was a lot of the time).
This is Avery during the packing process. She is wondering why I am not playing with her and why out house was all out of sorts.
A couple of days before we left we went to this beach that had a huge rock to jump off of. This is Avery and Michael on our way back, aren't they just the cutest! Love them!