Friday, January 30, 2009

My Birthday

These are the two extremely beautiful faces that woke me on my birthday. Michael was really sweet and took Avery in the early morning hours to the store and made me this wonderful breakfast in bed.
Of course I was kind of a klutz and spilled the orange juice all over the bed. Whoops. Michael told me that I was only allowed to eat at the table after that.
This is the cutest little chef you will ever see. She also thought the breakfast was delicious.
Anjuli came to Michael's rescue and made me these adorable cupcakes that were super tasty. Isn't she so crafty!??!
Avery helped me blow out one of the candles. Don't mind me I look horrible, focus on Avery, she is the cute one.
Michael, Kiara, Avery and I went to Magleby's (thanks to Aunt Susan) for my birthday dinner. It was so good! (Don't mind Michael's big zit, focus on the snazzy braid he did in my hair)
Here is Chia, Ave, and me cheezing it up just for you. It was way past Avery's bedtime and she was incredibly tired and loud in the restuarant, but it still was tasty and fun. Oh and see my cute sweater? That was from Mom and Dad Adams along with a cute brown vest. I LOVE my birthday.
On Saturday (day after the birthday) we went to dinner with some of my girlfriends. This is Avery and me before we left. I Love how this coat makes Avery cheeks look even chubbier.

Not pictured: Ashley, Avery, and I went out to lunch at CPK on my birthday. We enjoyed a really yummy meal thanks to Ashley! Anjuli came over after lunch and brought me flowers. I love those girls. Thanks for making my birthday special!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bathtimes are the best times

Avery LOVES baths and is usually so happy in them so it is the best time to get her to do the things we want her to show off. Enjoy! Avery's little vocabulary is growing. It is so fun to hear her say new words. Here are some of the words she says now:

mommy, daddy, doggy, puppy, hi, yummy, quack quack, bzzz, she tries to bark like a dog, shoes, fish (same as shoes), she will smack her lips to do what a fish says, ears, eyes, moo, mine or me (when she wants something), uhoh.

She loves to point to people's nose, eyes, and ears and she will turn your head so she can point to both of them. She still isn't walking but she is standing on her own and could walk if she wanted to. But I like her as my baby still, I'm not ready for a toddler so I'm not totally pushing it.

Avery is starting to give super sweet kisses. On my birthday she was standing in a booth next to me and she tugged my shoulder to look at her then she gave me two big kisses. It was the best birthday present because I didn't even have to ask!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Park City

When we came home from Alabama we had 3 days to try and get our life put back together before we headed off to Park City to be with Michael's family. We had so much fun there! I was terrible with picture taking but here are a few that I did get. Above is Avery giving a kiss to cousin Annie. We are so excited that Avery has close girl cousins on both sides! It will make family reunions so much fun! Avery was in love with Annie (who isn't) and would try to give her kisses and loves and tickles whenever she could.
This is Avery and Grandpa watching the kids tell stories on the table. She was being cute and cuddly with him... until she saw me. But it was sweet for the few minutes!
This is Austin being crazy on the table. This is also when Avery spotted me. She became a reall momma's girl with all the trips we took. She would constantly be saying 'mommy, mommy, mommy'
This is Nick and James, the best two cousins ever. They are seriously so cute together!
Earlier in the week Avery was really interested in auntie Chia's boots so we put them on her and I went to take a picture and she freaked out right before I took it (typical) so we never got it. Then I was wearing my slippers (above) and Avery became really interested in them so I put them on her and she stood and smiled until I got the camera and then this is what she did. But she looks really cute!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bama before Christmas

The first night while camping in our old house the heat was turned off and we woke up at 4am freezing cold. We didn't bring anything too warm so we raided Lacey's bag... this is what Michael got to wear. Hot, huh. Oh and no, Michael is not birthing Lacey.
Avery, Chase, and Davis in the tubby.
Avery very sleepy...
Avery and Kenadie in the tubby.... isn't it such a sweet picture? I love it!
The three girls eating reese puffs off the floor... whatever makes them happy.
Carden did Avery's tubby hairdo... a sweet mohawk! Thanks Carden!
Going to pick auntie Chia up from the airport. She came in on Christmas Eve and was only delayed an hour... a true Christmas miracle, thank you American Airlines.
So for Christmas Eve we always do the Christmas pageant. Michael is a wiseman (can't you tell), I am a shepard and Avery is a sheep!
Abby and Emma... the angels.
Chase and Carden... Joseph and Mary.
The 3 wisemen. Very wise wisemen.
The shepard and the sheep! Aren't they the cutest sheep ever.
Jammies that Nuna made for Christmas Eve.
All the grandkids in their cute jammies and with their ornaments! I love those kiddos. Emma isn't too excited because she wanted blue jammies not pink, but it all worked out in the end.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alabama Christmas

Apparently Santa Claus had a busy night and was trying to catch sleep before Christmas morning.
Avery and Addie opening up Christmas. Avery only got shoes in Alabama so Addie's presents were a lot more appealing.
Avery and Auntie Chia on Christmas morning.
Sam got this sweater for Christmas and when he zipped it all the way it totally freaked Avery out.
This is taking the family pictures. Avery was sick that day and was so cuddly and sleepy. I felt bad that she didn't feel well but I LOVED the cuddly baby I got for the day.
Chase doing his business on our way back to the car.
Little lovey baby boo boo missy moo sweetcakes.
Feeding the ducks! Avery loved it!
Davis and Papa hanging out on New Year's Eve.
Avery and Nuna looking cute.
Chase and Nathan got tired of eating and decided to have a plastic silverware fight... beware!
Michael, Lacey, Abby, Emma, and Carden on New Year's Eve. We had a really yummy turkey dinner... I can almost taste it.
Avery and auntie Lacey looking adorably snazzy.
Emma and Nathan emptying the dishwasher... they put on oven mitts because the silverware was still hot. Too cute.
This was at the Chicago airport on our way home. They had this fun playground that helped pass the 3 hour layover. There was a little girl that was kind of playing with Ave and came over and and stepped on Avery's hand and then sat on it. Avery's little lip quivered but she mustered a smile and then her lip quivered again. She tried really hard not to cry but I felt so bad that I went over and picked her up and gave her a love. She whimpered for a second and then got down and played with the girl. It was seriously so dang cute. Of course.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here is Avery setting up Christmas. She is looking through all the ornaments.
Avery putting up the decorations.

Our star... I think it is my favorite part of the tree.
Here is the little tree skirt I made for our little tree.
This is our preChristmas morning. It was the day before we headed off to Alabama. Michael got me that cute diaperbag! Avery got the rockig chair from Grandma and Grandpa Adams, and Michael got the flannel from me. Fun!
These are Avery two favorite gifts, her Puppy (it is so cute when she says it) and her rocking chair. She keeps herself busy with both of these.
Sweet loves. Avery is happy! Yay! Merry Christmas! Stay tuned for Alabama pictures!

Cutie Baby!

I am sorry but I think Avery is so dang cute. Look how little she is... she only has two teeth on top and two on bottom. I remember she was really excited to get this picture of Addie, can't you tell!
This is Avery in Grandma's sink. She had a yummy dinner of garden vegetables... including beets.
This is at one of Michael's friend's. We had a yummy bbq and got to catch up with our friends!
Aren't the boys just so sweet and special.
Here is Avery and June cute as can be. We love our friends!