Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A is for Avery and dont you forget it. But really it's okay if you do because she will remind you anytime you see one. Oh little Miss Avery, where do I begin? You have too many cute things about you that I will probably forget most of them. But I am hoping that I remember most of them to remind myself how cute you are on days I might not think you're too cute (never).

You are in a joy school group that you love. I always get reports back about how well-behaved you are. Always. You are such a good little girl!

Where do I even begin with this picture? I guess with Dora band-aids. You are a band-aid fanatic. You have one on in this picture because you decided to "jump" off the couch into a cooshy blanket, but it just so happens that it wasn't to cooshy and your head hit on the ground.
I wrote "jump" because you still can't really jump so you more fell off the couch... on purpose. I felt so bad and even though there wasn't even a mark on you from the fall I knew that a Dora band-aid would make you feel better. Sad to say, but even better than a kiss from your mom.

You have such a fun group of friends that you play with daily. They are practically your siblings. You love them so very much and you and S (in the pink) tell each other all the time. You get excited when they come home. If I let you stay outside all day with your friends you would. You and S have a tree that you call your house. You guys will seriously play there for hours. I love your neighborhood friends.

You are such a pretty and happy little girl. You definitely have meltdown moments but for the most part you are all smiles and a good listener. You share and try to be nice to new friends. You have beautiful blue eyes and pretty blonde hair that will not stay where it is put. You are starting to get little golden freckles on your nose, cheeks, and forehead. I love looking at them and finding the new ones. You have such beautiful skin!

You like to dress up. You love to wear dresses and call it "turning into a princess." As we are getting your dress ready you will talk about turning into a princess and say "not yet, not yet" until you are finally into your dress and then you will spin around. It is pretty darn cute.

You love to be babied. I could do everything for you and you wouldn't care one bit. (Though once in a while you do get an independent streak and like doing things on your own... once in a while). Getting you to dress yourself is out of the question. Depending on the shoe, you will put it on by yourself. Lately you have been ending most words with an -y at the end. Milky, peachy, clothesy, shoesy, walky, I don't know why I can't think of anymore words, but you really do it a lot. (With baby girl P above)

You LOVE Pierson. You are his second mommy. You make sure that he doesn't put gross things in his mouth like shoes, rocks, leaves, toilet paper, etc. You tell him where to go. You tell him what to do. You can make him laugh. You give him loves and kisses. You make sure that people are nice to him. And you are pretty good at watching him when I am in the shower... at least everything is still intact when I get out of the shower :)
You are my mini best friend. We do a lot of things together and I we usually havea great time doing it! In this picture we went to the sand castle competition in San Diego with L and A. You seriously hung out with us and took pictures with us like you were one of the girls.

You heart your cousins. After this summer and getting to spend all that time with your cousins, it is all you talk about. You love to point out your cousins in pictures in our home and our calender. You like to tell people that we are going to see your cousins. So when they come and see us (like the Bogrens did) you get so excited and spend all your time playing with them.
The other day we had a family babysit you and Pierson while we went to YM/YW. When we saw them at church on Sunday you told us and your friend Cody that they were your cousins. You were really excited about it so we didnt burst your bubble.

You think you are pretty tricky. You will ask me to watch your trick and it makes me giggle because a lot of times they aren't the trickiest :) In the picture above you climbed over the tree and then jumped (stepped) off. One day you'll have amazing coordination....

You are really into playing Mommy and Baby right now. If I call you by your name you tell me "I not Avery, I am mommy. You are Avery (or just sister... depending on the day)." I can't call Pierson by his name because it is "brother". Luckily Daddy is usually the dad. The other day in the car you told me "Mom, we are two moms."

This is the face you make when you ask me a question and follow it by "how about we do that, mom?" I probably hear that phrase at least 10 times a day. I'm going to miss it when you don't ask 'how about' anymore.

Avery, I think that you are the cutest, sweetest, funniest 2 year old out there. You are such a joy to have around. Even when you talk to me nonstop and want to "help" me all the time. I wouldn't trade it. Here is a few more random facts about you: You still take good 2-3 hour naps a day. You giggle a lot. You don't like putting your nose on the wall but you are getting better at it. You are still super careful. You like to cook us food in your kitchen. You will put your head in tehe water and get your hair wet in the bathtub all by yourself now. You say really funny things. You make us all smile a lot and we really really love you.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Pants on our heads,
Pants on our heads,
Looking so crazy with our pants on our heads!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

11 Months!

My cutest baby boy who loves his mom so much (can't you tell) is 11 months old! That means only one more month until you are 1 year old. I'm holding back the tears as I type this!

Pierson I cannot keep you out of the bathrooms. I try and keep the door shut but with a big sissy it doesn't always happen. You've played in the toilet (only once so far and it was clean water... phew!), taken many items out of the trashcan, unrolled your fair share of toilet paper, and terrorized your sis while going to the bathroom. And yes, that is toilet paper in your mouth. But at least it was clean off the roll and not from the garbage can :)

When you wake up from sleeping you hold nothing back. You are like 0 to 60 in a second. Peacefully sleeping to screaming and crying on the top of your lungs. I guess you don't like being in your bed except to sleep. Just look at your alligator tears. Someone would probably think you were put through a wringer, but little do they know that you just woke up from a peaceful sleep.
You are quite the picky eater. Sometimes you will eat great and then the next day you won't eat anything. You like to feed yourself. If I put something in your mouth you will take it out, examine it and decide if it goes to the floor or back inside to your belly. When you get done eating you will swipe everything left on your tray to the floor. I can't keep it clean. Thanks for that :) Just know when you are older and I assign you to sweep and mop the kitchen floor a lot I am getting you back.

Pierson you are a little waterboy! You love love love the bath. It doesn't matter what else is going on, once you hit the water you are all smiles. Very rarely do you just sit in the bath. You are usually standing up and slipping and standing up and slipping. Good thing you have such a cushioned behind!
You have decided that a good way to carry toys or other objects of interest while crawling or walking is in your mouth. It can fall out 600 times and you will still put it back in and go as far as you can until it drops. It is pretty funny to watch. Look at all your drool!

You have soft skin that is fun to zerbert. Even though you are a chub and a half, you are starting to thin out. It makes me a little sad because I know that it means you are getting older. I just hope your cheeks stay with you so I can pinch and kiss them always.

You, my little boy, are so cuddly. Dad and I always talk about how great it is when you will just lay their and cuddle us in the mornings. Or when I put you down for a nap I can just rock you and you'll keep your head on my shoulder and just cuddle (most of the time). I love it.

You definitely think you are bigger than you really are. You climb on everything and then think you need to stand up as well. I am glad that you are still in one piece. Please stay that way and stop trying to do cool tricks.
....I accidently erased a picture.... Hopefully I can get it back on here.....

Do you see what I mean? You climb on everything. You must be a boy!

But a very cute boy who does very cute things that make your mom love you even more than she already did.

And last but not least, let's talk about your teeth. You have two on bottom and three on top... but you are missing you right middle tooth... and you don't like it when I try and show off your missing tooth.

But luckily Dad was there to take a shot while I got you to smile a big cheeky cheesy smile. I mean I hope your missing tooth decides to come or you're gonna be a silly boy!
I love you Pierson Michael! You are such a joy to have around. You make us all smile and giggle daily.
Words (if you can call them that): Mama, Dada, daaa (with your tongue left out of you mouth for a while)= ball

Monday, September 6, 2010

Little Helper

This little boy must have sensed my stress when he went down for his nap because he was kind enough to wake up early from his nap, find the papertowels in the corner and unravel them to clean the floor. I mean look at all the floor he covered... what a sweet boy. I dont think one papertowel on that roll was spared.
And to think I was planning of doing it all by myself for a couple of hours when I had this cute smiley boy to help me.
"Who me?"

And for a little eye candy, here is big sis dressed up like a princess.
I couldn't decide which pose I liked better so both it is!
I really love my two babes and their craziness. They make my life so interesting.