Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Curly Q Avery

Growing up my mom always (or close to) curled our hair for church. I don't remember what made me think of this but I did and then realized I have yet to curl a hair on Avery's head. So Sat night after bath I got out my sponge rollers and rolled her up. Isn't she cute! She thought she looked 'cool', but was sad that I couldn't put the pink rollers in (they're the biggest). I told her that they would feel funny when she went to sleep, but they didn't seem to bother her one bit. As I was taking out the curlers the next morning Avery just stared in the mirror and giggled. I took the top ones out last and when she saw that she said "I look yike Chase" with a big smile on her face. I started giggling with her. She's too cute sometimes. We decided to fro out the curls because Ave just didn't have enough hair for my wringlet idea. And here how the curly beauty turned out: (not super happy to be taking a picture as you can tell)

Here's our good looking buddy. If I could I would sneak a curler into his mohawk at night just for kicks. But if Michael ever saw it he might have a heart attack, maybe even worse
Here's our family this past Sunday. I really wanted P to wear the vest with the suit and Michael said it looked too 80'sish. I put it on him anyways cause it was just too cute not to so Mike made me wear a headband and we all went dressed as a different decade: Avery 40's, Pierson 80's, me 70's (I took the headband off before we took the picture), Mike 90's. Super cool, right? We'll let you know what next Sunday's theme is so you guys won't feel left out and can dress up too.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Brought...

Tent-making, Avery's new favorite past time.Family Bonding :)
Sunday smiles
Brother and sister playtime
Pant-rolling and independence... She, for some reason, has to roll every pair of pants I put on her. And notice how her shoes are on the wrong feet, she put them on herself! That is a big step for a girl who likes everything done for her. But I am hearing quite often now, "I do it mysewf"
Bravery... well at least to me. Who knew my daughter wouldn't get the heebie-jeebies holding a slimy worm!
Sunny Sundays

Sick Sundays- Pierson had a fever starting Thursday night and got progessively worse till Monday. He was such a sad baby!
Better feeling days- YAY!
Lazy mornings and hanging out in jammies
Chubby-cheeked smiles from a girl who now wears panties to bed and not diapers! She is 100% potty trained! Woohoo!
Pretty little girl ready to go to preschool
Cookie making and great ideas... Pierson in the sink works better than in the Bumbo- he could be by us, he didn't get uncomfortable, he couldn't reach everything, and he didn't take up counter space PERFECT!
The cutest messy silly face and pretty baby blues!