Sunday, April 19, 2009


Avery now barks like a dog not just pants like one and it is so funny! She was in her bedroom when we heard her yelling and we walked in and realized she was just barking.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Favorite Things:

Avery: Dandelions. She will see one and freak out until it is in her hand. We have quite a few patches of them right outside our apartment and I think I pick all available flowers but the next time we walk out the door there is more. I am glad I am not the one fighting the weeds, and I'm glad they make Avery so happy.

Carly: Warm, sunny 65 degree weather days. Perfect weather to be outside, not too hot and definitely not too cold.

Michael: Snow expected this late in the season (much to my dismay). He gets to use his last ski pass and have some fresh snow. I will be at home crying because of the frigid cold when it should still be warm and 65. Stop teasing me weather!

Monday, April 6, 2009

3 Things:

1. I have an amazing husband. For the past 9 weeks I have been a complete slacker in the cleaning, cooking, looking decent departments and he has not complained (much). Instead he has cleaned, cooked or put up with my slacker cooking (like tonight we had grilled cheese and tomato soup), and tells me I'm beautiful or only makes minimal jokes. What a guy. If I can remember how crappy I feel in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy we will only have 2 kids.

2. Avery is a terrible eater. Terrible. She used to eat anything and everything. Now vegetables are a rarity in Avery's diet. She used to eat broccoli but now nada. She'll eat fruit, well most fruit. She'll eat cereal. She'll eat bread and peanut butter. But if she sees goldfish that is all she wants. What do I do? I know I need to be patient and keep trying to give her veggies and such but how do I make her healthy till she starts eating them? I do give her a multi-vitamin with flouride. But I want something better. Patience, I know.

3. What are healthy, easy meals? I don't always have the energy or want to cook, especially because of all the smells but quick meals would be great. Ideas anyone? Please.