Friday, January 25, 2008

My Lovebug!

Avery and I are becoming the best of friends. It is amazing how this little girl has become one of my favorite people to spend time with. We hang out with each other during the day and talk and smile and sometimes laugh. When she goes to sleep I get a little bored, it is nice to get things done, but I always look forward to her waking up. She is such a sweet little girl and lights up every one of my days. I love her with all my heart!Today we took Michael to school and then went and got my hair done. You can't really see it in the picture but it is shoulder length and re-highlighted. I have wanted to grow my hair out for a long time to "mermaid" length and I finally did it! But then I noticed that mermaid length meant hair in Avery's eyes every time she ate and my hair becoming a spit-up rag. It also has been all knotted in her hands and around her fingers. So for both our sakes I decided to get the post-pregnancy haircut. And I like it!
After we got home Avery took a nice LONG nap which allowed me to do some dishes (not having a dishwasher stinks)! I hate doing dishes and they piled up quite fast. So for four hours she slept and I cleaned with the greater portion spent on dishes. We then went to a friend in our ward and saw her little baby. He was so little and cute! We then headed home and Avery went down for a nap where she still is now. We are excited for Michael to come home, it is our favorite part of our day!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Late Birthday to ME!

Last Sunday my sweet Grandma had a little birthday party for me. Kiara, her roommate Mary, Michael, Avery, Grandpa, and Grandma all sang me Happy Birthday. This is the beautiful cake Grandma made me. She couldn't find any candles so she put this tealight on there. Sound familiar Beth? Remember when Mom made Beth birthday brownies and she put the bit green candle in the middle? Like mother like daughter, I guess my kids have a lot to look forward to!
Me posing for Grandma, so excited about my cake!

I made a wish, blew out the candle, and so now hopefully my wish will come true.

Here is my cute little family!

A closer one of us (I should have worn a little more makeup!).

I just wanted to thank Grandma for making my birthday special! On my actual birthday Kiara babysat Avery while Michael and I went out to dinner at Tucanos. It was very yummy and nice to have some time just to the two of us. We went to Sam's Club later and splurged on diapers and wipes. All in all I had the perfect birthday!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ode to Avery

Today we have hit our 6 week mark! Apparently baby life is supposed to get easier from here. To tell you the truth, baby life has been pretty easy with Avery. In all the books I read the "easy " baby fits Avery to a T. She has been sleeping 3 to 4 hours since the third day I brought her home and I haven't had to stay up in the middle of the night with her because she always goes right back to sleep after I feed her (I am probably jinxing myself and tonight is going to be awful). During the day she is happy until she needs to eat and take a nap but she wakes us happy again. Evenings is her fussiest time but even then its a squawk here or there. She fits into mine and Mike's life perfectly, we couldn't have asked for anything better. She is healthy, happy, and so darn cute. I can't get enough of her. This is Avery this evening, she is in her fussy state because she was ready for a little nap. Kiara came over tonight so we were able to spend time with her. She is holding Avery who is taking a break from crying and about to muster out another cry.
And here is her little cry. It is so sweet. She is so quiet and just so sad when she cries. It is adorable. Then after a while she gets mad and loud. We didn't make her get to that point tonight. But look at that cute face, it makes you want to give her kisses all over!

Avery LOVES baths. She loved her first sponge bath at the hospital and she absolutely loves taking real baths. She will be crying and when you put her in the water she stops. One of our favorite things to do is take baths together. She just sits on my legs and we talk and sing and relax. Isn't she so pretty! I love her big blue eyes.

Avery also LOVES to cuddle and go to sleep. This was two Sundays ago and we were wiped out. She is such a good little cuddler! I love her little body next to mine and to hear her little breaths. She is so loveable!

Avery has been getting SO big. Last week we went in to the doctor because she had a mild eye infection and they weighed her and she was 11 lbs and 12 oz! I can't believe it! Everyday she just grows more and more. Her thighs and her arms are getting so chubby! I look at old pictures and she just looks so small and I start freaking out that she is just too big and before we know it she will going off to college (Mike rolled his eyes). When I put her on the bed though I realized how small she was and I have plenty of time to mother her (Avery will probably roll her eyes at this in 16 years...).
I just LOVE being a mom and having such a sweet little girl. I can't imagine my life without her now. She is so fun. My favorite time with her is right after she has a good feeding and is "milk drunk" because she will do these huge smiles that let me know she is truly happy. She is becoming really sociable now. When I talk to her she looks at me and usually smiles a big cute grin. I love it and I love Avery. Happy 6 weeks baby!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Adams Family Dance Party

Blogging never works too great for me and so I can't upload the video but here is a preview of what I was going to post:

Happy New Year... a little late...

Michael and I spent Christmas and New Year's in Idaho Falls with his family. We weren't expecting much for a New Year celebration but when we got to Jennifer and Brett's house this is what we saw:
BINGO!Travis was the bingo host and he did such a good job! He was so funny and he made announcements just like if we were at a real bingo hall. It was great and a lot of fun!
Here is one table of bingo players...
Here are the other two tables. The kids LOVED this and it kept them entertained for quite sometime so you know that Travis had to be pretty funny or at least there were some cool prized to be won.
Holden was the first bingo winner and he got to choose the first prize from the prize couch. Michael and I ended up winning: two books on tape, lip gloss, and bath salts.... fun fun!

After bingo we started family karaoke which was just great. I am going to post some videos from that. We then played a fun dice game then Michael and I headed off at 11:30 to meet up with his friends where we brought in the New Year and then played Catch Phrase. It was a fun night.