Saturday, August 21, 2010

Starting with Today

Well after a summer long blogging hiatus, I am going to try and come back. We went on lots of trips, had lots of visitors, and our kids have changed so much so we have a LOT to catch up on. Almost too much. So to not overwhelm myself the first time back I am going to blog about just today. I'll add in posts later about our summer adventures.
This weekend we were supposed to head to Las Vegas for Michael's friend's wedding but didn't because Michael's work got too hectic Friday. We were bummed big time so we decided to do something interesting on Saturday. Michael suggested the Getty Museum so we went to LA to check it out. Here is Michael and Avery in front of a Vincent Van Gogh painting. When Avery saw this picture she said, "awww cute".
Here I am with Pierson overlooking LA. It was quite a sight! I look wide in this picture... I hope it is just the picture :) Avery and Pierson did really well when Michael and I were looking at the paintings and photographs (our favorite part).

We took them outside to give them a break and they loved it. Isn't this rebar sculpture so cool! I love the flowers!

We took a lot of pictures of these two and this was the best one we got. Stinkers :)!

We went and listened to the sound sculpture which was a little stream and then found a shady spot and sat down for a snack. Avery found a big leaf that she was proud of.

She even shared her leaf with Pierson for his picture. If you look behind Pierson you can see those rebar sculptures. I just think they are so cool!

Michael and me in our shady spot. Avery took our picture... she is getting pretty good at it.

Water trickled down this 'waterfall' which was probably Avery's favorite part. I thought it was pretty neat too.

This is the top of the waterfall. Michael splashed the water down the hole so whoever was looking below might have gotten a surprise.

These were taken at the top of the sound sculpture and there was a path that zigzagged down over the stream. It was really pretty and a really nice day outside. We had a lot of fun up there and can't wait to go back because there is a lot more to see and do. It was a fun part of our day!