Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Charity Ball

My old roommates are such great people and put on this thing called the Charity Ball. Michael and I decided that we would support them by going and try to make up for the not-so-good of people we are. It was fun because everyone dresses up and it is something "fancy" to do in Provo. Here are some pictures...
Ashley and me

My and my hunny
The Provo Library is quite pretty

Getting me some lovin'
The only way I can get my hair to curl is to put it in rollers the night before. Well I kind of had a problem doing it by myself so my sweet hubby rolled my hair! How amazing is he! The next day I kept the rollers in ALL day and met my new neighbors with them. Kiara was nice enough to help me get my hair and make up put together last minute and watched little Avery for us. She has some cute pictures of Avery that once she emails me I will post.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Belated Birthday!

Happy 49 Years Mom!
Well my mom's birthday was Saturday, March 22, but we were traveling that day so I wasn't able to do this, but we definitely thought of her that day. We even pleased her ears with mine and Mike's special rendition of "Happy Birthday" (poor anyone that has to hear that).

I am so grateful for my mom. She has been an amazing mother and has loved me through a lot. Now that I have Avery, I appreciate my mom so much more. I realize how much I put her through. And then how much my 7 other siblings put her through. No wonder she has some crazy moments...

Here are 49 reasons I love my mom:
(1)She carried me for 9 mos and gave birth to me (2)She tells me that she loves me all the time (3)When I used to get sick she would rock me and say "Oh my little Hot Tamale" (4)She is an amazing cook (5)She taught me how to cook (6)When I won the Miss Madison pageant she stood up and yelled "That's my baby!" (7)Alisha (8)Kiara (9)Jarom (10)Lacey (11)Lexi (12)Sam (13)Abby (14)She would take all of us kids on the airplane to visit our cousins by HERSELF (15)She made us matching outfits when we were growing up such as 4th of July shorts and brown with white polka dot Easter dresses (16)She does a great tornado impression (16)She is easy to relate to (17)She is stubborn, but still loveable (18)She is quite amusing when she gets mad (19)She can be an airhead (20)She loves her kids more than herself (21)She still loved me after I ran away to Florida (22)She gives us great stories to tell (23)You can call her anytime for anything (24)She flew out when I had Avery (25)She helped me take care of Avery through the night (26)She organized Avery's closet (27)She has an answer for every medical concern and she is usually right (28)She loves to play games of any kind (29)She is fun to watch swim butterfly (30)"Laugh, laugh your big fat heads off!" (31)She is beautiful and no one would believe that she is 49 with 8 kids (32)She has soft skin (33)She has had some amazing haircuts (34)When we were little she was either going to school or working... how did she do it? (35)She loves the Lord (36)She raised us in the Gospel (37)She loves to watch movies even though she falls asleep within the first 10 minutes (38)She has taught us all to be confident and successful (39)She used to play with my hair and ears when I laid my head on her lap during Church (40)She would let each of the kids take turns sleeping with her when Dad was on a trip (41)She would let you sleep with her or at least by her when you had a bad dream (42)She would wake up in the middle of the night and clean up the mess you made when you were sick (43)She is so ticklish she can't even get a massage (44)She loves all her grandbabies so much and makes/buys them cute things (45)She loves me after all I put her through (46)She got really involved with swimming when we all did it (47)She would always cheer us on (48)She will stay up late and do our hair, whether in french braids or curlers (49)She has always been there for me

Now that is a lot of reasons, but it doesn't come close to all of them. That list wasn't hard to write at all, I could have gone to 100 easily. I love my mom and I am so grateful for the example she has been to me. Happy birthday Mom, LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Miss Cutie-Patootie

Not much has been happening at the Adams' home. Michael is busy with school and work. Avery is busy being cute and working on new tricks. I am busy doting on my baby and my hunny, trying to make sure that they are happy and healthy and most importantly, fed. I think that I am slowly getting sick. My ears have been bothering me but I am hoping that is all that happens. Avery has been a little fussy today and feeling a bit warm, but I think I am being a little paranoid. I hope that she is just having an off day. But since we have no cool stories I decided to show off a couple pictures of sweet Avery.

This is Avery with Dr. Judd. We didn't get a birth picture with Judd at the hospital so this is at my 6 week check up.This is after a walk one day, it was starting to get a little warm...

Here is another cute one with her sunglasses.It just cracks me up.

This is Avery and the girlfriends, we were out for Brittney's birthday. FUN FUN!
(Carly, Avery, Brittney, Laney, Kim)

Avery helping Dad do his homework.

So good at holding her head up! Look at those cute cheeks just hanging!

Sweet Avery in one of our favorite blankets from Lauren. I just love this little girl and her soft skin!
She is our little cutie-patootie and is so fun to have around. Michael and I just can't get over her. We just stare at her and wonder how something so perfect came from us!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3 Month Bday!

It is hard for me to think that 3 months ago yesterday I was a nervous wreck about to have my baby. But now looking back it wasn't so bad and these past 3 months have been a blast! I have the cutest, chubbiest, most loveable and kissable little girl! I love her! Here are some shots from her 3 month birthday yesterday (it was also her 13week mark!). Mike and I sang to her and she even got a present. Some really cute sunglasses that I got on sale at Gymboree! They are so cute on her and she doesn't seem to mind them!
Pretty Girl
Looking off into the distance...

Big glasses sitting on some big cheekies!

For some reason when I put the glasses on her little tongue pokes out. Too cute!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Me and My Man

We were newly engaged in this picture as you can tell by the placement of my hand...

How long have you been together? 2 years
How long did you date? dated nine months, engaged three
How old is he? 24
Who eats more? to be completely honest, I do. It is hard to say but these days I am constantly hungry. I need snacks and desserts way more than he does and I probably eat just as much as him during a sit down meal. Sad.
Who said "I love you" first? Technically, me. Okay. Mike likes the answer to this questions because it is so different than everyone else. We played newlyweds at a church activity and this was one of the questions and everyone else answered the same way but us and every blog I have read it was always the boy. So here is the quick story. Michael and I were wrestling around and in my trying to speak I yelled "I LOVE YOU!" And then it got super quiet and I was yelling at myself in my head and he was like "what... what did you say..." and making fun of me because he could tell I was so embarrassed. But he was the next to say it after that.
Who is taller? Michael has me by about 4 inches.
Who sings better? If you have ever been by our house around FHE time, you probably have made a mental note not to ever be there again. We both are terrible singers and can never stay on tune.
Who is smarter? Michael says me and I say Michael. Who knows...
Who does the laundry? Mostly me. We have to do it at the laundry mat so a lot of the time Michael will run and grab it and bring it back so I can fold.
Who does the dishes? I would say 60% me and 40% Michael. We have no dishwasher and washing dishes gets old so Mike helps a lot.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Looking at the bed: me.We tried to switch sides one time and I had the hardest time trying to go to sleep.
Who pays the bills? Mostly me. I hate bills.
Who mows the lawn? If we had a lawn, Michael would. He love mowing his parents huge lawn (mostly because they have a really nice lawn mower). One time Mike taught me how to do a push mower and I was terrible. So one day it will definitely be him.
Who cooks dinner? Me. Unless we are eating the Adams' family specialty: Macaroni and tomato juice (boiled macaroni noodles with v8... it is actually quite tasty with some salt and pepper)
Who is more stubborn? Well I think this is easy for every one to guess. Me. By a long shot. Mike is the opposite of stubborn.
Who kissed who first? Another question I don't like to answer. I kissed Michael on our first date because 1. I didn;t think he was going to leave my house until he kissed me and I figured he was too unsure to make the move and 2. He was on my list of boys that I wanted to kiss, so why not? I went for it, we kissed, he left, we kept dating, got married.... needless to say, he was the only boy on that list that I ever kissed
Who asked who out? I can finally say MIKE asked me out! I don't always take the initiative. Our first date was Valentine's day.
Who is more sensitive? Me. He makes fun of me because I cry at every movie. He is sensitive, but I am mondo sensitive.
Who has more friends? Me. For some reason Mike is kinda antisocial in this ward. And I have all my friends from AL and from the apartments before I got married. But Mike has friends, don't worry.
Who has more siblings? Me. 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Mike has 3 sisters and 1 brother.
Who wears the pants in the relationship? Well I would say that we balance each other out. I am more vocal at what I want done and a lot more grumpy when it is not my way, but Michael is helping me with that and I like giving into him because he is so nice and usually thinks things out way better than I do.
Who are you tagging? I think everyone that would do this already has, but if not DO IT!