Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a Pumpkin Patch in Sandy a couple of weeks ago and had a grand ol' time. We went for family home evening after Michael had gone to school and work so we got there kinda later so it was dark. But we still had a great time, especially Avery who was obsessed with the pumpkins. This is the only picture I have of Avery looking at me because she was so enthralled with the pumpkins she couldn't do anything but touch them and ooh and aah at them.
This was on the hayride around the little pumpkin patch. She is our little pumpkin! Isn't that hat adorable! Aunt Heidi gave it to her along with that cute shirt. She matched the pumpkin patch perfectly!

Lindi, me, Avery, and Kiara on the hayride! Michael, Jeris, and Suzanna on the hayride.

We actually had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch even though it was small and didn't have much to do than take a ride and find a pre-picked pumpkin. We were glad that Chia and the buds came to make it great. Oh and they also had delicious apple cider that was free! Yum!
Stay tuned for some cute Halloween pictures of my teenie halloweenie, Avery!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Who needs a sippy cup whe nyou can have people squirt water in your mouth all day? Apparently Avery doesn't. We still haven't had much success with any other form of drinking except breastfeeding and this...


This is how Avery grooves to the music!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

10 MONTHS...

HOly heck my baby is 10 months old... only 2 months away from a year. How did this happen? She was a little itty (sorta) baby not long ago who cuddled with me and would fall asleep on me and needed me for absolutely everything. Now she is a little missy that wants down on the ground, but then wants me to hold her, but wait she wants back on the ground again because she has to crawl around the room then scale across the couch to end back up back at me and once again she wants back up. She eats anything and everything you could possibly give her. She LOVES people and is very engaging to all that are in her sight. She still mostly likes mom or dad to hold her but she will try to captivate anyone in her sight with her big blue eyes and even bigger smile. She thinks baby/toddlers are the funniest things ever and will laugh at anything they do. Avery will wave hello and goodbye most of the time and if you are extra lucky she will blow you a kiss. She has even started to give fives... very softly.

This is on her 10 month birthday at Ashley's bridal shower
This is at Grandma Great's right after Conference on Sunday
Avery was showing Auntie Chia how big she is!

I am so grateful for my Avery and the sweet spirit she has. She makes everyday so fun and worth doing all I do for her. I am so grateful for my little family and for the future we have together, I am so excited for each day we have together. I am grateful for the gospel that provides me with the knowledge that I can live with my family eternally. I could not imagine a day without them. I am grateful for the leaders of the Church who give such amazing advice that somehow seems to be directed to me. I am going to try and make the most of each day and remember how blessed I am and how much my Father in Heaven loves me.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Avery's Crib!!!!

When Avery was born I conjured up this idea for her bedding. I would tell Mike about how I wanted it and he thought I was crazy, especially when I told him I wanted the crib black. I didn't really know how to go about making/designing the bedding I wanted but remembered I had some talented people in my family who could all help (it took me 6 months to remember that). So when I visited Oklahoma I put my family to work! My mom helped me choose the fabric and all the necessary tools needed, Kiara, Abby, and Lexi helped me cut lots of little circles for the flowers and Alisha helped me place all the different flowers and told me I needed stems (I am grateful that she is so dang crafty and can vision these things because I lack that totally). So by the time I left Oklahoma I had the easy stuff done (or the stuff that I could do with minimal help). Then it came time to sew those bad boy bumpers together and I knew that I would screw it up so my m-i-l Marilyn came to the rescue! She was so great and fixed everything and and sewed those puppies in like a day. Amazing! The bumpers then made their way to Utah and were in Salt Lake for a couple weeks and I couldn't stand it (Our dear friend Jeris forgot them a couple of times... poor guy)! So while I waited I painted the crib (Grandma helped even though she told me I was dumb for painting it black... gotta love that woman!), and made the crib skirt and the padding inserts on the end. I finally got it all put together and LOVE it. More than LOVE it. Now we have to clean up all the extras in her room (like Michael's bike, golf clubs etc.) and hang all the pictures, signs, and other decorations we have. I post the finished product but here is the best part! Avery really liked the flowers and just sat and played with them forever.
She LOVES her crib too!
Like really really LOVES it. Doesn't that smile say it all!