Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Week

These past weeks and the week to come have been super busy for Mike and I. We are both schooling full time, working part time, and this past weekend and next weekend we are watching The 4 youngest Trapnells. It is midterm time again so we are taking tests and more tests. Fun fun.

The kids were great this past weekend and Mike and Grandma were lifesavers. I had to work Friday night so Mike took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese by himself (sweet Grandma stayed with Brook). And then I had to work again on Saturday and Mike had to take a test so Grandma came to the rescue and then Mike watched them until I got off. Grandma and I were talking about how great a dad Mike will be. He can handle all 4 kids and they love him. Brooklyn will go to him over me most of the time. I am such a lucky girl. He is seriously like one of the kids and just plays with them and keeps them busy.

Work is going great. I really like my job and it is getting easier every shift because I am learning more about what we have. The Gap is seriously great to work for. I love BabyGap and GapKids. I totally fit in there and my belly starts a lot of conversations with the customers. Some conversations are good some are bad. I usually get asked how far along I am or when my due date is. When I tell them this is the usual answers
"Oh my gosh, are you going to make that?"
"Did you say December????"
"OH wow. Good luck."
Then one day I had this lady who was at least 35 with at least one kid and her belly was like only a little bigger than half of mine. She asked when my due date was and I told her in Dec 9 and she was like "oh that's neat, my due date is Nov 9." I almost started crying. She seriously was so small and only had two weeks left. Sad day.

My body is definitely having a little harder of a time trying to get through shifts. I can totally tell when I only have an hour left because I start waddling and my feet start swelling. I then come home and complain to Mike and he is great and will rub my feet.

Michael still loves his job and I am so glad that he was able to get it. It will really help out with his applications for jobs in the future (and help out the bills now).

We have a dr's appointment on Thursday so I will let you know the updates. This little girl is so high that I know she is not coming anytime soon. The Braxton Hicks keep coming on strong and they are so dang annoying. I will be so glad when they stop and my basketball will not be attached to my body and in the way but cute and cuddly in the bassinet.

Well that is all for now!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I think Alisha is seriously addicted to blogging. I just barely posted before this and I already have a comment from her. Let's see how long it takes for her to comment on this post. It will be my new game. Every time I post I will see how long it takes Alisha to comment. This should be fun!

I also have to say: if you need a good laugh please click on my link to Lindsi's blog. I almost died laughing. Read the one that says something like "Ms. Sullivan's class says the darndest things." It is totally worth it. Thank you Linds.

Back Again!


Okay so I finally figured out why I was having so much trouble with Picasa: It isn't made for macs. So i got on Mike's computer and transferred some pictures and I think that I finally figured it out. I just couldn't figure out how to put the pictures in the collage in the order that I wanted them. Oh well, I will save that for another day. These are pictures of a Sunday drive and also of my BIG belly. 38 inches and that was 2 weeks ago. I really am getting big and don't know how I am going to get any bigger!
Michael and I actually have some updates! We both got jobs... not the most exciting news but we are excited. Michael works for the civil engineering lab at BYU. From what I understand the civil engineer students will create project plans and then Michael will make whatever and so the students can test out their projects. At least that is part of his job. I know the other day he had to design a stage and now he is building it. I think it is going to be used for the students to stand on and watch their projects?? I am not the person to ask. Anyways, I got a job at the Gap. Don't ask how because they are hiring for seasonal and I will be out all the month of December, but they did hire me. I work in Baby Gap and Gap Kids. I have only worked one real shift and I really liked it. It is hard to be on my feet for that long but I don't notice it until I am off and have time to sit and think about it. It is so fun to look at all the baby clothes! Fun and tempting! I am being good though. I can't buy anything else for the baby, except I told Michael that I am allowed to buy a Christmas dress for baby, and gap has the cutest Christmas dress! YAY!
I went to the doctor the other day and they told me I was measuring two weeks ahead, but reminded me that this didn't mean I was going to have my baby early, just that she is going to be a big baby. But then I started thinking, the first due date they gave me wasa Nov 25, so Lexi maybe Avery will come on your birthday. I don't know if I will be ready that soon though, I will have a ton of school projects to get out of the way first. I guess we will just have to see. I have been having tons of contractions lately and on Sunday I thought for a second that she was coming. I had an hour worth of 5-minute-apart contractions. Scary. I still have tons of contractions but I think I still have a while, thank goodness.
Michael and I are in the middle of testing again for the next two weeks. I totally hate this time of the school year. It is so nice to know that I will be done in 8 weeks! Poor Michael though, he has a lot more 8 weeks of school. Right now he is also interviewing for internships. It is kind of exciting. He is interviewing for jobs in Las Vegas, Chicago, California, Alaska, Hawaii (I'm not getting my hopes up), and we will also interview for my dad's company in Oklahoma. It will be interesting to see where we end up, he is also interviewing for some in Utah so watch us stay here. Oh well.
So I have a funny story, that only my committed readers can read. This is why I put it on the bottom. It is your reward for making it through the rest of the blog. So I got out of class and was heading down the stairs, reading a text from Ashley. Well when I got to the bottom and took the last step, I realized it wasn't the bottom and totally fell down. In front of tons of people. On my hands and knees. It is bad enough to fall down, but to fall down and be pregnant is even worse. I tried to hide my belly so no one would freak out. They were all asking me if I was okay and I said yes and ran (limped) out. I didn't get hurt, just superbly embarrassed. I wanted to cry I was so embarrassed. Oh man. It was awful.
Here is a Halloween joke I heard from one of my girlfriends: Why can't Frankenstein have kids? Because he has a halloweener (Lacey this is for you: hollow weiner).... haha! Love you all!
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Need Help

I know I need help with a lot of things but I really need help with Picasa. I totally don't get it. I don't know if it is because of me or because I am using a Mac. I am just plain confused. I don't even really get how to post pictures with text, but it happens. So if any of my wonderful sisters want to call and help me, that would just be wonderful. Mom and I talked about it, but she didn't give too much help. But don't worry, I love you Mom, we are just too much the same.
These pictures are of a few weeks ago (I know I am lame) at a civil engineering banquet. We went with one of Michael's best friends from growing up (David and Stephanie) who is also going into civil engineering at the Y. His other best friend's parents (the Dustins) are on the board so we sat with them. It was a lot of fun and really interesting to hear all of the different ways Michael can go with his degree. It will be exciting when we can finally graduate and and move somewhere and he can start a job and we can start living it up (at least that is what we tell ourselves). But at the banquet they had really good food. One of the guys had just gotten back from Alaska and so there was fresh salmon (not a huge fan) and halibut (pretty darn good) with tons of sides. It helped Michael out in his seminar class and we got a free meal. It was great!
There is also a picture of Kiara, Michael, and I from the Air Force vs. BYU game. We whooped them. Go BYU! (I know my face is fat. It is the only thing that swells. Boo.)
I have some more pictures from last Sunday that are a little more exciting, but I want to use picasa, so sisters: if you want a more interesting post with pictures you better call me and help me out.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Life of the Adams

We haven't posted in a while because we don't have anythong too exciting to talk about. I did however apply to graduate and I am accepted, so come December I will be done with my college career, for now. I think I still have a couple more years of school in my future. We also were accepted by WIC today, which is super great news for us! Free food! Woohoo! We are hoping to hear from Medicaid by the end of the week or atleast the beginning of next week. Hopefully we are accepted for that too. What else? Mike and I have just been taking tests this past week and have another week of tests, so we have been pretty busy. I just got back from a doctor's appointment and the baby is doing great. Growing right along. I am measuring a week ahead of my due date, which is normal, but hopefully that means he will induce me on December 6. I just need to have her on a Thursday so I can get back to school on Wednesday for all my final reviews. Life should be interesting these next couple of months. It's crazy to think that its close to two months away right now... Michael and I are going to be parents... CRAZY! Everyone might want to start praying for our little baby now, that she will turn out normal. Haha. Well anyways, that has been our last week or so. Sorry we don't have any exciting stories.