Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June Recap

We started off June with Michael birthday! He turned 27... getting on up there! I decided to throw him a birthday party and we did a "Minute to Win It" theme (nbc tv show). It was SO fun! We went to the website and picked games and then had different people compete in them. We played Hanky Panky, Speed Eraser, Johnny Applestack, and a few others. It was so much fun! This is a picture of Mike doing Bite Me. It was probably my favorite game that we played that night. Oh and Michael won this round. Yay for the birthday boy!

Here are the girls getting ready for Junk in the Trunk. I believe I won this round. Go team Adams!

When we weren't playing games we were eating hot dogs (fancy, I know) and chatting it
This was the ending game because no one could do it... you had to toss a half full water ball onto a table and land it. I don't think our water ratio was right, or our water bottle shape, and we probably had too small of a table. But it was fun!
Here's the fam after the party.
Oh wait, now here is the whole family. Anj flew in for the weekend and it was SO great to have her here. I wish we had an extra bedroom so she could live with us. FOrever.
My bff and my Purda-Poo. I am pretty sure Avery took this picture... not too shabby.
Now fast forward to Sunday.... Michael found the perfect spot for family pictures except I couldn't/wouldn't fit. But look at those handsom boys!
Avery LOVES her daddy and LOVES to make silly faces.
Our Sunday portait. Avery was already tired of taking pictures (this was the first one we took and by far the best). Oh two year olds.
Anjuli and me.
Anj juggling the babes. They loved having Anj around and getting extra attention.
Avery and Anj looking cool!
Saying good bye at the airport :(
Seriously Anjuli. Please come live with us. I promise Avery and Pierson would make really fun roommates. At least come back and visit (even if it is more for Michael Phelps than us).