Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Weekend

Avery and Pierson woke up really happy on Saturday excited for the Easter weekend to be here. We had an Easter egg hunt early Saturday afternoon for the neighborhood kids. We thought there were going to be 6 kids and bought candy accordingly but it turned out to be just these two and E, who was not even a year yet.
So Avery and S had lots of Easter eggs to find! They loved it because they found eggs at the same pace.
Avery finally got the hang of Easter egg hunts by this time (she went to a Primary activity with Michael and didn't quite grasp it) and found lots of eggs.
Here are the Easter egg hunters with all their loot. Aren't they just so darn cute!
Pierson was taking a nap during the hunting action, but woke up to see the end results and to flash us this handsome smile!
On Sunday we went to a friend's house in between Conference sessions and ate lunch and had yet another Easter egg hunt. Avery got to search for the same eggs she found the day before :) I love having little kids!P and me! We were having fun watching all the kids scramble around trying to find eggs.
Ave and Michael after the hunt.
This is sadly the best picture I got of these two on Easter. For some reason our family was not great picture takers that weekend.
My point exactly:
But at least we all are together in the picture, right? Who cares if we aren't looking and if we are we look goofy.
We really had a great weekend and felt really blessed to be able to hear the prophet and apostles speak of Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the sacrifice Christ made in my behalf. I hope that I can remember Him a little more each day.
On a lighter note, this video of Pierson is funny. Now we know where his tree trunk legs come from!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A day in the life of...

a 6 month old! Pierson eats a delicious breakfast of peaches and oatmeal that he throws up all over mom. Maybe it wasn't so delicious... Then you get so messy that you have to take a bath while Mom cleans up breakfast.
Then you get dressed and look super cute so mom will give you tons of kisses and attention, sometimes too much :)
Then after taking a wonderful nap you go and play with your besties and talk about your crazy moms.
Then mom gets too wrapped up in the day to take pictures of much else... whoops.
Pierson is a big healthy baby! The doc was impressed with his size, as are most people :) I mean look at those knees and thighs!
Pierson has totally found his voice these past couple days. He has always babbled and talked but lately he has been talking louder and yelling at points. He will screech in excitement too. It is pretty funny.
Pierson can roll both ways now and soon I am sure he will be making his way all over the floor. He still is toothless. He still doesn't sleep all the way through the night... but he does take good naps.
Pierson is such a happy baby. The kid is so mellow and will just hang out most of the time. If you give him attention he will smile and coo and even screech at you. He is just so darn cute and happy and we love him to pieces!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sundays in 2010

My mom made a goal this year to take a picture of the family every Sunday so I decided that I would try to as well. I haven't been super great at it but I have taken quite a few. I just forget to post them. So here is pictures of our family from this past Sunday to the very first Sunday of January. Mike and Pierson were the only ones captured this past Sunday. I think Avery was asleep by this point. aren't they both so handsome. Man I love those boys!

Here is the babes the week before. I love Avery's headband she made in nursery. Those flowers are still alive: aren't you proud?!

I just love this picture. These two seriously love each other so much. They both giggle when they hear each other come into a room and love giving loves to one another. It makes me so happy to see them together.

I think Pierson's pants look dorky in this picture but he looked so cute that day! This was taken later in the night so we are all looking a little scraggly.

Only Pierson and I made this picture because we were in UTAH! Poor Ave and Dad stayed back home. It was pretty cold that day, it was the first Sunday in March.

A wonderful picture taken by Avery. If I leave the camera out even for a millisecond she is begging for it and taking shots left and right. Surprisingly, this one isn't too bad.

Here's me and my baby girl! I just think she is so darn cute and her personality makes her even cuter.
Here's P and I on the same Sunday. He was looking mighty handsome right before his nap time!

This was Valentine's day. We had a romantic dinner with the missionaries over and everything, jk! Pierson barely fit in his blazer. There was barely room for movement in there. Avery looks as beautiful as always!

This was the week before. Can you tell Avery is scared of falling and Pierson is none the wiser? Cute babies!

Nap time was desperately needed in this picture but I atleast got it, right?

This picture was taken sometime in January, I think towards the end. Look how much looser the khakis are on Pierson compared to the earlier shots :) He is one growing boy!

And here is the first week in January at Pierson's blessing. I didn't do too bad so far. Maybe in April I will take a picture of every Sunday... MAYBE.