Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Miss

Lately Avery and I have been playing mommy and baby. It is a great way for me to get a break because all I do is lay down and whine every once in a while, while AVery, my mommy, takes care of me by patting my back, giving me a pacifier, putting a blankie over me, getting me toys, and giving me kisses (my favorite). So today we were playing and this is how it went:
Avery: Mommy, whaa (fake cry) (this means that she wants to play)
Me: (Lay down immediately... hallelujah) Whaaa
Avery: Gives me her blankie and kisses me
Me: Whaa... elephant (repeated a couple times)
Avery with a sweet looks gives me the elephant and kisses me
Me: (wait for her to walk away) Whaa, whaa, whaa puppy
Avery grabs the puppy to give it to me with a look of "what the mess" on her face
Me: Whaaa, paci! Paci! I want paci!
Avery: No no no
Me: Paci! WHAA!
Avery: No no no (shaking her head and then she gave me a kiss)

Can you tell what we have been working on? It has not been fun but I am trying to only let her have her paci in her bed. Dear heavens, most of the time I just want to give in and give it to her because if she isn't crying for it, she is putting something else in her mouth- dirty fingers, friends' toys, shoes, and the list goes on. Words of wisdom anyone?

Scenario 2
I ordered some maternity jean shorts from Old Navy because I have officially and totally grown out of all pants non maternity (whaa!) and have no jean shorts. Too hot for no jean shorts. So anyways I got a free $10 so I got Avery a pair of jeans which she needs because she is too tall for all her old ones. Anyways we finally got them in the mail today! YAY! And they are cute, fit, and are long enough! I am actually wearing them right now! Best news ever. Or at least for the day. Anyways here is what happened.
Me: Avery our new clothes got here! Lets look at them!
I open the box and her jeans are on top.
Me: Avery look at these cute new jeans. Are you excited?
Avery: Yes (with a cute cute smile with big chib cheeks on the side)
Me: Wow look at mom's new shorts! (I pull out one pair and try them on) Yes! They fit!
Avery: Yes!
I pull out the other shorts
Avery: Daddy's!
Me: No these ones are mommy's too.
Avery: Daddy's!

Isn't she thoughtful? Avery loves her Daddy. We go through the house and name all of Daddy's things daily. We talk about how he is at "wook" and he'll be "back, back" later. We don't forget about daddy at all during the day. She brings him up constantly and makes sure that I remember daddy too. Gotta love that girl.

Sorry for the no pictures. My computer doesn't have enough room to upload all the pics on my camera (if Mike is reading this he is rolling his eyes right now...) Maybe if Michael helps me clear off my computer I will get some pictures on here in the next few days...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where is a good place to find fabric?

Okay we are trying to find curtains for our living room but everything we have looked at looks too formal and just too plain. I am trying to find either curtains or fabric to make curtains but I am having NO luck. Our couch is and olivey grey green and we have a lot of brown in the room but I want a punch of color and drapes with a fun design: floral, paisley, stripes, just not boring. Any suggestions?