Thursday, October 29, 2009

Funny Faces

I have been going through pictures and pictures of Pierson's little life and have come across a theme... funny smooshed faces thanks to Avery's sweet sisterly love.

Poor Pierson.... hopefully he makes it with this crazy sister of his!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Catch Up!

Our little forever family of four... cute, huh?

My mom, Alisha and Kenadie, and Kiara came to visit us over a span of two weeks. We took one day and went to San Diego and saw all our old family sites and then the temple. It is always so beautiful!

Then Mom left the next day :( We miss her dearly!

Here is Avery and Pierson on his 2 week bday!

This is after Avery held him...

Here is our little 2 week old snoozing away.

We caught him sucking his thumb... hopefully this doesn't stick around, but it sure is cute!

My little love.

Alisha and Kena left (Lish I hope you have pics cause I don't and I want some) and so we took Kiara to the beach!

Chia and Ave. We had to take Chia to the airport the next day. We were sad to see all of our company go but it has been good getting back to a little more normal routine.

Here's the handsome little man! He has an unusually long arm... well at least in this picture :)

Here is Avery and Pierson after his first day to church. Nap time!

Here is me and the little stud after church.

Here is the big stud... oolala!

And here is us tonight: carving our pumpkins!

This is the face he makes when Avery comes close... jk.... he usually cries... jk again. He loves his sister who REALLY loves him.

Here is Pierson on his 3 week birthday, before I know it he is going to be 3 years...

It took a LOT of effort to get this picture, so I hope you enjoy seeing both of their faces with their carved pumpkins.

Well I have made it a few days without any help! I have lots of cute stories of these two together so hopefully I will be better about blogging but we'll see :) I'm still trying to get the hang of it all and my broken computer doesn't help the situation much (donations toward the Carly Computer fund are graciously accepted :)) But good news: we found our camera! So that should help the blogging situation some.Who would have thought that I could make it as a mother or 2. Crazy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pierson Michael

This feels a little bit like that part of The Lion King when they present Simba to all the animals in the kingdom. So as you read this post imagine some gospel-type singer singing 'The Circle of Life' and enjoy.

We are excited to announce that Pierson Michael Adams was born yesterday at 12:38 pm.

We showed up at the hospital around 7:40 am on Wednesday morning. Check out that view of the Ocean.

Carly was started on the petocin, the doctor came in and broke her water, and the we waited.

After some more intense contractions she decided to get the epidural and then we waited some more. We both took a little nap and then the nurse came to checked Carly and boom she was at 10 cm and ready to go. There was one practice push and then the doctor came to get the show on the road. Carly did amazing! She pushed like three times and he was out. It was pretty cool because immediately after he was born they let Carly hold him.

I guess he was a little mad.

I am so glad that Carly got to hold him so quickly because when Avery was born she had fluid in her lungs so they took her away and she was surrounded by doctors. Carly always felt a little jipped. She was glad too.

He was a healthy little guy at 8 lbs 5 ounces. A little bit smaller than his sister, who was 8 lbs 7 ounces. Carly actually guessed his exact weight that morning. I guess she would know.

He measured 20.5 inches, Avery was 21 inches.

And now some pictures for all you ladies out there to goo and gaa over. Go ahead I think that he is a pretty handsome kid myself. I won't even bore you with more of my ramblings, just enjoy the pictures of our special day.