Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am Grateful for Dads

This weekend for Father's Day, Michael and some friends decided to go hike Zions. They were gone for 48 hours and drove 16 of them, but Mike said it was totally worth it. I was glad that he had fun but even more glad that he was home. There is not a face I like seeing more than my husband's. He is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is so kind and patient with me and the kids. I am so grateful that he has such a strong testimony of the Gospel and shares that with our children. I am grateful that he likes to play with them whether it be babies, princesses, wrestling

I am grateful for Michael's dad. Not only for raising the best guy ever, but for how wonderful, loving, kind, and understanding he is. I have always felt very loved and accepted in Michael's family and my father-in-law plays a huge role in that. He's the one that made us realize that we needed to get married. He really is great.

I am grateful for my dad. He has always been so fun, loving, and supportive my whole life. He is a pretty chill guy which is quite a task when living with 9 girls. He has always been more than willing to do things with me like school projects, looking into prosthetics, urging me to do the Paralympics, and getting me a job with HOme Depot under the OJOP program. He has really blessed my life in so many ways and I think he is the absolute best dad. I love him a lot!

I don't have pictures of my grandpas but I am so grateful for them in my life as well. They have always been a source of wisdom, kindness, and love. They raised two wonderful parents that I have been blessed with. They have always supported me and been there for me in times I needed them.

I am also grateful for my Father in Heaven who has blessed my life each day in countless ways. I know that He loves me and is there for me always.

Monday, June 13, 2011

And since I am back I feel like I should be rewarded this trip to Paris.
Or at least some one I know. Go and enter! If you win and need someone to go with you, just give me a call :)

Hi Old Friend,

Remember me? I won't be surprised if you don't since I haven't been around the last FOUR months. I've been trying to come around more often but for some reason never made it. But I am going to try and be better. Maybe I'll come around weekly.... maybe. I do have a lot to tell though. In 4 months a LOT has happened: family visiting, Utah trip, friends visiting, cruise with no kids, and so much more. Do you remember this guy?
He's 28 now. That is getting old. Though he seems to stay young by playing tennis weekly, surfing on Saturday, camping (with Pierce even), and hanging out with the 12-13 year old boys in our ward. He's even built some furniture for our home, but I'll show you pictures later. One thing that keeps us busy is this little lady.
I think she can talk for 30 minutes without missing a beat. She is a very persistent question asker. She is a very smart joy schooler. She can write letters so well. She loves to write out our family member's names (unless I ask her to, of course). She even wrote out Happy BIrthday once.... and that is a big phrase when you are a little girl. She has learned to swim on her own. She is my 2nd in command and helps with a lot of things. She likes all things Cinderella, princess, pink and Dora. She loves being a Sunbeam in Primary. She loves to learn songs and sing them like princesses and robots. She loves the beach and Disneyland. But most of all she loves her pink baby Lucy, the real baby Lucy (pictures to come), her dad and mom, and her buddy.
Yep, this guy. I mean how could you not love this little boy. Even when he tries to attack you for doing what your mom says (or what you think your mom should have said). He is our crazy boy. In an hour today he had 3 major falls. I am glad that he is still alive. He likes to climb, swing, slide, and throw just about anything. He likes to find germs where ever he can and eat them. Like today at the pool when he was sucking up water off the pool deck. Ick. He likes to give you a hug and when he does he says in his little man voice "hug". That's how he says sorry too. He has become very polite but has shortend all polite words to "welcome." He can fold his arms during a prayer... about twice a week :) if you're sad he'll rub your back. If you're tired he'll wake you up at 6am, just to make sure you don't sleep in and miss anything. Because of his early rising he has come to love Dora (I'll do anything to sleep til 7). He will sing "dora, dora, dora" just like the song. Probably not a thing to brag about but it is so darn cute. He will also sing like princess Ariel. He will share with his sister if she asks nicely. He peed on the toilet today... after a little dribble on the floor (don't worry we're still months away). He goes to sleep with his nigh-nigh (blanket), quack quack (duck), and paci. Oh how he loves his paci.
Well, that is just a small update. I do have a lot more to come. Hopefully I will remember that this isn't as painful and time consuming as I remember it being. It does feel good to be back. Talk to you soon.