Monday, December 31, 2007

Avery's Blessing

Avery in her blessing dress that was once mine- isn't she adorable?!

My two favorite people looking as good as ever.

Me and my sweet baby- too bad I didn't look a little better...

Look at her blue eyes! I love them! She is just so sweet!

She definitely had enough of the picture taking.

Avery Faith Adams
Blessed December 30, 2007
By Michael C Adams

We blessed Avery on Sunday evening at Michael's parents home. We had his family (wish mine was there too, but we can only be so blessed) and his friends that he grew up with and their wives. Michael and I made pulled-pork sandwiches for dinner. We had a great time. Michael gave a beautifully inspired blessing. We are lucky to have him! We love our little Avery and hope that she is a good girl and receives all the blessings the Lord has in store for her!

Sunday was an interesting day, as all days are that have some big event. It was our first time back to church, so that was a big step. I only brought one dress for me to wear and come to find out it is permanently wrinkled, but what can you do Sunday morning. I had to wear the dress. Then come to find out I didn't pack my black heels or my jewelry. I was running late and Marilyn had to give the opening prayer. Needless to say I was stressed and on the verge of tears. We finally made it to church and it was a pretty good day, but Avery stayed awake the WHOLE time. We had church 1-4 and then we were blessing Avery at 5. She had only taken and hour nap before church, so pretty much she had NO sleep. I tried to put her down for the hour before but she wouldn't. She just laid there and looked around. I finally decided to nurse her because that is the only way to get her to relax and close her eyes. I nursed (I was pretty much a binky) her for 30 min more and she fell asleep and stayed asleep until the last person left. The blessing and dinner went great. So after looking back on the day, even though I was a mess, everything else was absolutely wonderful.

Michael is a true trooper, he handles me and my many many emotions very well. I am lucky to have him!

Our FIrst Family Christmas

Avery loves her Grandpa Adams. She spent Christmas morning on his lap and that is one of her presents to the side of her! She had a great first Christmas!

Aren't I beautiful and isn't Avery a cute Santa? Michael is our stud!

Christmas loves with Sadie and Isabell.

And with cousin Lauren.
Adams' family first Christmas.

It is crazy to think that last Christmas Michael was in Idaho and I was in Alabama and we were newly engaged! This year we are married with our little baby Avery! What blessings a year can bring!

We had such a good Christmas. Christmas morning it was quiet, Grandma and Grandpa Adams and our little family. We were soon joined by all the cousins so we had a grand ole time.

Aunt Becca bought us this cute first Christmas outfit and it fit Avery perfect! She looked so cute. Lacey, she wore the red sweat suit on Christmas Eve, I just don't have pictures of it but I think Marilyn does. I'll look for them and post them!

We missed my family this year for Christmas. This is my first year not being with them. It was sad, but I am lucky to have such wonderful in-laws who actually have a lot of the same traditions the Haynies have. We had such a wonderful time here but we are looking forward to next year when we will be with my family in Oklahoma!

Christmas Eve

Momma and baby

Our sweet little family

Avery in her tight little jammies from Grandma Adams


Christmas Eve was a lot of fun. Avery got to meet all of her cousins on the Adams' side. We had a yummy fondue dinner and really enjoyed seeing all of Mike's family. We did the Nativity scene and Michael was Joseph, I was Mary, and Avery was baby Jesus. I'll get the pictures from Grandma and post them later. We read some family stories and then opened up one present. Avery got her pajamas for Saint Nicholas day so she opened up a booster seat from Grandma Adams. What fun! That night Avery projectile vomited so we had to change her and wash her jammies that night so she could wear them Christmas morning. It was an interesting nightt, but all in all it was GREAT!

Hanging out with Avery!

Mommy and Avery after a good feeding.

Sweet cousin Emmaline. She held her one day for an hour just so Avery could get some good sleep!

Helping Grandma Adams with some business.

Taking it easy with Daddy.

Avery will get these deer-in-headlight eyes (like Michael) every once in a while. We took this picture about eight times and she did it every time. But don't let her fool you, she love her Auntie Chia!

Sleepy Avery

Waiting for Santa to come!
Snoozing away with Grandpa!
Peaceful baby getting some well deserved rest.
Knocked out on her favorite place- Daddy.
Snuggling up to Mommy!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mom's Blog

Click on my Mom's blog to see a lot more pictures of Avery... She is Avery's personal photographer, I don't know what we are going to do when she is gone!

Our Little LOVEBUG

8 lbs 7 oz 21 in
December 4, 2007

She is seriously PERFECT! I know I am her mom and I am totally biased, but Michael, Mom, and I have concluded that she is the best baby ever. She is so content with life. She makes life so wonderful.

I didn't have my digital camera out during our hospital stay, so we missed out on a lot of pictures. Kiara and Mom took tons, so I will have to track them down and download them so I can put some up of her first two days. This experience has been one of the most exciting, fun, scary, exhilarating, and rewarding of my life. Duh. I thought labor was going to be a beast, but I would do it again tomorrow if I had to, especially if it would get me out of the after-labor pains and troubles....

On Wednesday, Nov 28, we went to the doctor and he said that we were 2cm and 80% effaced and that if I made it I could be induced Tuesday. Everyone we talked to told me there was no possible way I would make it through the weekend, but little Avery knew that Michael and I needed my mom here. She waited until Tuesday, thank goodness.

We went in at 5am on Tues to Orem Community Hospital. They started the drip at 6am. When the doctor checked me at 8am I was still 2 and 80%. He broke my water and I put my name on the list to get an epidural. I got it 10 minutes later and after that life was GREAT! I do not understand why people do not get epidurals. I was able to enjoy the whole experience. I loved every minute of it. At 10am the doctor came back and checked and I was 5cm and 90%. At 11 I went through transition and made it to 10cm and 100%- ready to have a baby. My doctors practice "rest and descend" on first time epidural moms. They say that this makes the uterus do all the hard work while I just sit and wait. It helps cut down on pushing and helps to stretch me out so I wouldn't rip as much. I waited for 4 hours. Mom could barely stand it. I was fine because I was so scared to push out the baby. At 3pm the doctor came in and set up camp. He told me that I had the most prominent tailbone he had ever seen and proceeded to tell me that he would have to use forceps to help the baby over my tailbone and that it would inevitably break. That is when I started to cry. 21 minutes later, 6 pushes, and a few tears I had a beautiful little baby (and a broken tailbone- minor details). She had major conehead and the chubbiest cheeks. The doctor kept her upside down because she was a little more mucusy than what they liked. Her little cheeks were so big that they drooped over her little eyes. It is an image that I will never forget.

It took FOREVER (15 min) for the nurses to get her to me. All I kept asking the doctor was when I got to see my baby. He would ask how I was feeling and I would tell him I was anxious to see my baby. They finally brought her over and she was so cute but beat up. She had red marks where the forceps had been and swollen eyes and cheeks but she was so relaxed. She just looked at everything, taking it in, little eyes blinking with no little whimpers. Perfect.

It is no December 10, Avery is 5 days old, and Michael and I have been married for 10 months! HAha! Life is great. Avery loves her momma, daddy, nuna and aunt Chia. She cries when she wants food (she is a GREAT eater, loves to suck), a cozy sleeper, and she will stay awake for 45 minutes at a time just looking around and hanging out with her favorite people. It is so much fun! We have gotten our sleep on a pretty good system. I have her until 7 in the morning, I feed her and she sleeps with me (don't tell the docs) then Mom wakes up and takes her and I sleep until I wake up. I usually can't sleep for very long. It is dumb, but I hate being away from her, even in the other room. I know that I should take advantage of sleep opportunities, but I rarely can. I just can't sleep! Oh well!

We are doing well at the Adams' house. I am so grateful for Mom and all the help she has given us. If it were only Michael and I we would both be passed out from exhaustion right now. We are able to go to school and take exams and finish school because of her. I just hope that we don't totally bore her, it is a lot more quiet here than in Tulsa. Michael and I can't wait to be done with school so we can dote on Avery all day. Avery is just loving life. Eating, sleeping, and having everyone around her wrapped on her little finger seems to be doing her well.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Prego no mo...

TOday was my last day pregnant with little Avery. I have mixed emotions. I seriously have been a basket case today. She totally dropped more today. I feel like she is right between my legs. Needless to say, I have walked the absolute minimum. My mom just flew in tonight and Michael's parents drove here, so now we are ready to have the baby. We will head to the hospital at 5am tomorrow. Gross.

Here are the reasons I am excited to have Avery:
1. I finally get to see her sweet little face.
2. I get to feel her warm little body.
3. I get to see her and Michael together... the moment I have been waiting for! My two favorite people together and happy!
4. I get to cuddle with her and rub our faces together, she is going to be so soft!

Reasons why I want to stay pregnant:
(Listen to Colbie Callait's song 'Capri'... it fits perfectly)
1. I LOVE having her inside of me. She has been the best baby and I have had the best pregnancy, minus cankles.
2. She will no longer be safe inside of me. Things and people can hurt her now, I won't have my protective shield around her 24/7.
3. I love falling asleep with her little wiggles and then waking up and waking her up to start feeling her wiggles again.
4. My stomach will no longer be "cute" but a big BLOB.

There are apparently more reasons to have her than not, so here she comes! We will call and text to get the word out when our little lovebug is here! Woohoo!