Sunday, June 13, 2010


In May we decided to go to Disneyland every Friday night. I am so glad that we did! We used our passes more in May than the combined time since we had bought them. We were able to see a little more of Disneyland (though not close to all of it) and California Adventure. Now I will be better at navigating everyone around when you come visit us (hint hint). Here is Ave and P as we're heading to the tram. This was Pierson's 7 month day. Isn't he handsome? Avery is pretty darn cute as well :)
Here we are on Nemo's Submarine. Right after I took this picture I saw the 'no photography' sign. Whoops!

Avery and Michael rode in the cars and Avery got to drive. She thought it was pretty cool.

Here we are at California Adventure about to go on the TOy Story ride. This was probably one of my more favorite rides with kids. It's a 3-d shooting game. We saw the high scores as we were leaving and Michael and I only got a fraction of what the high score was. Oh well... maybe next time (yeah right). We let Ave and S sit in their own car and Ave was pretty scared at first but by the end she was laughing and trying to shoot the gun. It was a lot of fun!
We went with some friends to California Adventure so we took turns watching the kids and riding the roller coaster that was there. Luckily the carousel was right next to the coaster and we had fast passes so the kids didn't even realize they were waiting.

Here is Avery and S on the carousel. I think this was Avery's favorite part of the night. What little girl wouldn't love riding on pink bejeweled Little Mermaid's friends?

This was the last ride of the night. There is our buds N and S and then Mike and Ave are in hte back.

Pierson had to have his own seat belt for this ride! So I buckled him in next to me and we took off. It was one of those rides that you spin around and go different heights (like Dumbo). Do you guys see the two lovebirds sitting in front of me... haha!


May was a month of haircuts for our family. Pierson was the first to get his haircut. He had to chunks of really long hair on top so I talked Mike into evening it out after dinner one day.
He seriously looked sooo different (at least in person)!

Avery got her haircut on Memorial Day by our bff Erin. She did so well! She was a little nervous but stayed still and smiled through the whole thing.
Before-front shot
Before- back shot
After! Cute little girl who grew up in a matter of minutes!
And here's Mike getting his hair chopped. I was lucky enough that no one took a picture of my haircut. Thanks to Erin we all have new-dos and look good!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Big Baby Boy

Can anyone tell me how this little babe of mine is already 8 months old? I mean really, where did the time go? Please slow down life... I love it too much right now and I don't want it to change! Pierson is the sweetest baby boy there ever was (not bias one bit). I could just snuggle and kiss and cuddle and nuzzle and love on this boy all day long... and he would let me :) This picture is at the beginning of May (7 mos)
We did a lot of swimming at the beginning of May. This was P's first time in the pool. It was still a bit chilly so at first he whined a bit but got used to it pretty fast. He got to ride home in his car in the nude because he pooed in his swim diaper and I didn't have an extra. Pierson loved it! Look at that chunk of a bum. I'm super embarrassing right!?!
This was P on his 7 month bday. We got back from Disneyland late but were hungry and so we had some mac-n-tomatoe juice and P tried it for the first time. And he loved it. Sign that he is a true Adams. Avery tried it for the first time on her 7 month bday too... I guess it'll be our little family tradition.
This little boy is a mover! He rolls, scoots, climbs, rocks back and forth then lunges, and anything else he can to get from one place to the next. Changing his diaper now makes me break out in a sweat. He is all over the place! He is also quite good at yoga... despite those tree trunk legs :)

Pierson loves his mom, and dad, and sister. He gets sooo excited when he sees one of us and will start kicking his legs and flapping his arms and flashing his biggest smile with his cute little teeth poking through. If you want to win over this little boy play a game of peek-a-boo (geek-a-boo as Avery calls it). He thinks it is the best thing in the world.

Pierson loves playing with his friends outside. I left the door open the other day and I found P halfway out the door smiling at his friends. He just loves being around all the fun :)

P LOVES his binky. When he goes to sleep he rubs his binky while sucking it. When he wakes up he shoves his finger inside it as pictured above. He seriously loves it.

Pierson has the softest skin and is so darn chubby. Look at that belly hanging over. Don't you just want to give him a big ole zerbert? He'd giggle if you did. And then you'd have to do it again and again because his laughs are just so cute.

Monday, June 7, 2010

7 Months and Now 8 Months!

Firemanto a rockstar.
In only one month.
More to come about the month of May...