Saturday, February 27, 2010


All the news on Seaworld reminded me that I haven't posted about our trip there yet. We went mid-January and thankfully the whales only did tricks that day. We started the day watching the killer whales and oohed and aahed at all the cool flips and splashes they did. It was a really cool show and I am really sad for the trainer that lost her life. We met up with some of our favorite people in the world the Andrews! Kate was one of Avery's first best friends (along with cousin Brooklyn) and so it was so fun to see them again. Here are those little missies at the seal show. It was pretty funny and really impressive.
There was a really big play park that Michael and Avery had a blast on. I think Michael had even more fun that what Avery did :)

Here's the whole clan (minus Michael) before we went and saw the penguins. I have to say out of all the animals I feel the worst for the penguins. They just looked so sad standing there and there were so many of them! I think Happy Feet made me feel even worse for them.

Avery loved the sharks. She will still talk to us about them to this day.
I had to feed Pierson before we left so we decided to go and watch the Shamu Show one more time. It was just as good as the first time. We left a little early from the show and started our trip home. It was a really fun day! And now we have Seaworld passes so if you come and visit us we will take you there!
Oh and a side note. On our way to Seaworld Avery got carsick! All of the sudden she got really fussy and then she just puked every where. Ick. I hate puke so I was gagging as I was cleaning it up and we were trying to find somewhere to buy her a new shirt. We had to go out of the way a little bit and as Avery started barfing again I told Mike to forget it and just get us to Seaworld. She just wore her jacket with nothing under, but it worked and she felt fine once out of the car.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pierson's Blessing II

Well I am FINALLY getting to the beginning of January. I am so darn behind it isn't even funny. I like to tell myself that if I had a computer during the day then I would be better about blogging. It's just another thing I have to add to my night and it usually doesn't take precedence. But I will try to be better. I am excited to post about Pierson's blessing because it was such a great weekend. Grandma Adams came into town to make it even better :)
Can you believe these chubby legs! I love them. I am so glad that we live in California because if we lived anywhere else, Pierson wearing Michael's short sleeved romper wouldn't have worked as well. It was really warm that weekend too. I think it was high 60s maybe even low 70s that day.
I think Pierson looks so darn cute with the boy bonnet on. Makes his cheeks stand out even more.
Can't give Pierson all the attention! Avery wanted to be part of all the fun.
Grandma A knitted this sweater for Pierson. She said that she started it and it wasn't working so she stopped but then decided last minute to bring it in case she was bored. Well it was perfect because she finished it the day before he was blessed and it looked so cute. I was searching for a light blue sweater before I knew she was making one so I was really excited to have handmade one from our very own Grandma. It'll be one of Pierson's first heirlooms :)

Good looking crew! I was of course trying to throw myself together at this point so they took family pictures without me.
At church, after the blessing.

Sunny skies = squinty eyes, but at least we are all looking!
While Grandma was here we decided to go to the beach. We went and got In-n-Out and then headed to Newport Beach. It was so warm and sunny, you would have never guessed it was the first weekend of January. It was 70 degrees! Grandma made sure to call the Idahoans to tell them how great the weather was. They were busy building snowmen while we were sticking our toes in the beach!
They are just so cute together. It makes my heart melt.
Grandma and Avery running from the waves. Avery loves running from the waves, it is her favorite thing to do at the beach, and its even better when Grandma is holding your hand.
Don't worry Pierson can breathe, I just didn't want him to get sunburned.
Little family picture. I sure do love Michael and our babies. Life just doesn't get much better than this!
This is Grandma and the babes right before she left on Monday. We were so glad that she came down and shared this special time with us. Family really means a lot and we are so grateful to have such wonderful family. Thanks Grandma for the really fun weekend (two months later)!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pierson's Blessing

Aww! I bet he looks just like his daddy did 26 years ago (but maybe a little chubbier)...

WOW this happened over a month ago! I am so behind. FOr some reason I just never feel like blogging. Probably because I am SO behind. I have so many great things to blog about too. I'll be better.... hopefully.
Except I tried to upload more pictures of Pierson's blessing day and it won't work! I am about to throw the computer across the room and I don't think I should write anymore because I am definitely not thinking nice things. Dumb computers... I guess in this case it's dumb internet. Ugh.
I know I haven't posted in a while BUT look forward to:
  • more pics of Pierson's blessing... he wore Michael's outfit and was just too cute in it!
  • a warm sunny January day at the beach with Mom Adams
  • Avery and her BFF
  • SUnday pictures for the whole month of Feb plus more
  • Pierson giggling
  • Swimming in February (jealous anyone?)
  • and many more exciting pictures and stories about our family... I am SO behind!
Super exciting, right?! Have faith in me people, I will start posting more. One day.