Thursday, March 19, 2009

Avery vs. Chicken Broth Can

I was hurrying to get ready to go to my aunt's to clean, and I got into the fridge and Avery decided that she needed to be in it too. So instead of fighting her I just let her look in the fridge and went on making sandwiches while talking to Lacey on the phone. About 10 seconds later I heard Avery scream and turned around and saw Avery on the ground with a can of chicken broth. I guess she carried it and tripped and Avery got this:The can didn't even have a dent so I guess the can one. After to calls to grandmas to figure out what to do, we went to the pediatrician office and they looked at it and agreed (thanks goodness, I felt like a paranoid first mom) that Avery needed stitches. They put some numbing gel on it and then bandaged it up. She HATED it but finally fell asleep.
She got a 20 minute nap in and then they woke her up and strapped her down! I was surprised that she didn't freak when they strapped her but it was a different story when the doctor came up and rubbed iodine on her cut and then put sterile over her face so she couldn't see. Add the nurse holding her head down to one side and she was absolutely not having it.
I wanted to take pictures while the doctor was stitching but I felt insensitive to pull out the camera as my daughter was screaming her head off. I was afraid that my doctor wouldn't be too happy about that, so here is the post-op :) (hopefully this is the closest to post-op we will get)!
Here is the two little stitches! 15 months and stitches... what a mom. Look at that sad little tear on her other cheek.
She has been a little more sensitive today but other than that she has been mess-making, story-telling, (stuffed)puppy-loving, chia-excited Avery. Thank heavens for modern medicine.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anyone hungry?

Cause we have a bun in the oven!!! (Yes, a baby)
I wasn't planning on telling everyone quite yet but my mom already put it on her blog so I better catch up to her! I am only ten weeks along and am due October 12! Yay for baby 2... I think (yay after the sickness leaves)!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


After alligator tears and a lot of squeals we were able to pull Avery's little hairs into the cutest piggytails ever!
Side view of the cute baby girl!
Michael made us switch Avery's dress because he said the pink one looked like we were in the 80s, so Avery got a cute dress for her cute hair!
Side view 2... we can't do much with the front of her hair but the back makes up for it. Her piggytails stayed in until Sunday school and then one fell out and we didn't even try to put it back in because if she acted anywhere close to the way she did at home people would have thought we were pinching her. It's okay though because we left at the end of Sunday school so little miss could take a nap.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm trying to come back...

I have been a terrible blogger for over a month and I still don't really feel like blogging but I know I should. Little miss Avery is just too cute not to write about. :) So I have about a million pictures below so I am sorry, but it is a little catch up. Above is Avery and me rocking out to some music. Ave loves the ipod.

Here is Avery extremely ready for a nap... we just need a diaper change first.

Avery loves animals, especially puppies so Michael and I took her to a pet shop and they had cute little pups. Avery loved it!

Maybe one day we will be able to talk Michael into getting a dog. I guess Avery was done taking pictures by this point!
So it sounds a little extreme but Avery seriously loves dogs and when she is sad she will sit on her dad's lap and they will watch the trailer for Marley and Me and she loved it. So Michael, Kiara, and I took her to see Marley and Me at the theater. It was a long movie, but the first 30 minutes Avery loved it. Good thing we were the only ones in the theater.

Avery LOVES her pretties. She is so funny and will find her bows and want them all in her hair. So this is Avery bowed out and she couldn't be happier.
Here is another view.
So it still snows here in Utah, though this picture was taken at the beginning of February. Avery loves going on walks and really loves her stroller. She gets so excited to when she sees the stroller.
Playing in the snow is not much fun when you don't have great snow gear. Socks aren't the best gloves and it is no fun when the snow gets up your pants.

We tried to build a snow man but the snow was too dry so we settled on Avery making a snow angel... cute, huh.

Avery found my make up bag and I caught her putting my bronzer on. It was so funny.

Avery taking a break after helping with loading the dishwasher.

Avery and Daddy looking at puppies.

Sticky sticky Avery after waffles. For some reason all food gets put in her hair now... yum.

So this kind of catches up on our pictures but here is a catch up on Avery's highlights. Since the last time I posted she has started walking! Yay! It has been about a month or so and at first she would would walk door frame to door frame then to the next wall, but soon after she was teetering everywhere with no crawling at all. I love watching her walk around, it is so cute!

Avery talks quite a bit. Most of the time there is no telling what she is saying but whatever it is it's important. She will look at you intently and talk talk talk. Some of her new words are banana (nana), meow, diaper, cracker, and that is all the new ones I can think of.

She can point out animals, can tell you where her hair, ears, eyes, nose, chubby cheeks (she grabs them and pinches them with her whole hand), hands, bellybutton, and toes are. She can throw things in the trash if you ask her (and probably when we don't, I should probably check it more or we might be losing some things), today I asked her to go get my phone that she had taken into her roo, and she went back to her room and grabbed in and brought it to me.

Well I feel like I have been blogging forever and don't want to bore you or burn myself out the first time back. I am hoping to be better so look for future posts!

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!

I want this dress so bad. I think it would look great in a spring photo shoot. I am already thinking of outfits for Michael and Avery to go with it.