Sunday, January 31, 2010


Here's my babies looking all cute after church. We took a ton of pictures and this is the only one where they are both looking with normal facial expressions. My thighs were burning so the photo session came to a halt. I should probably do that daily so i'll have some hot thighs for the summer. Yeah right :)Okay so this video is pretty long but the end result is really exciting! We have been counting with Ave for a while now but she was always very sure that she knew how to count and we didn't so she would say whatever number she wanted and if we corrected her she would say "no! 1 2 1 or 1 2 6" or whatever order she decided the numbers should go in. But while I was gone this weekend Mike said she counted to 6 for him no problem and tonight we got her to count to 10! We were really excited and so we of course had to get it on video (luckily she let us)! Oh and the beginning is her thinking. When we go shopping or have a decision to make she'll go "hmmm, yet me tink" and tap her cheek. I absolutely love it. She's being silly doing it here but its so cute when she's serious. Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're Crazy

Super crazy. Avery just learned a week ago (from a book... funny what they pick up) how to make a silly face and will just randomly do it and giggle. I love her. Pierson of course needs help making his silly face. Avery and I were laughing so hard everytime she did it. Pierson looks a bit disgruntled in this picture but he honestly did not let out a squeal. He just kept looking at us with huge eyes that say "What is your problem?"

Enjoy the video, but just know it is way better in person. If you come visit us we'll do it for you! And if you'r really lucky Avery will do it to you... jk.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Us Tonight

This little guy has won over my heart. After having Avery I was so afraid that another baby wouldn't match up to her happiness and sleeping abilities, but Pierson is just as good if not better than Ave was. He is also cuddly (Ave wasnt) and happier in swings, vibrating chairs, and other things I use to distract him which Avery never liked. I seriously couldn't have asked for a better 2nd baby. I love him with all my heart and more.
He is 3 months old! TIme flies. This kid is bigger than most 6 month olds. He topped the scale today at 16lbs 15 oz. He was also 25 in long. He totally skipped the 3-6 month stage in clothes I feel like. One day he was in newborn clothes and now I can put him in 6-9 months. AAHH. Slow down baby, I want you as a baby for a while longer.

Tonight we decided to put together a gingerbread house. We bought one at the beginning of December and never did it so I returned it and then got this one free at the breadrun. Lucky us. Don't mind my really hot look- explaining how to achieve it would take a whole other blog post.

Avery has taken a real liking to her daddy. She has always loved him no doubt, but she would always want mom. These days she cries for daddy, gets so super excited when he comes home, and wants all of his attention.

Here is Ave in the process of putting candy all over the house.

Here is the start of the house... my pictures won't move around so this picture story is backwards. But anyways, I hope you enjoyed our night because we sure did!

I still have so much blogging to catch up on but I decided that I'll do a little of the present in middle of all of the past blogs... makes it exciting, right?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Phoenix, AZ

Two days after Christmas we decided to pack up our car and babies and head to AZ to see some of our favorite people The drive wasn't too bad... looking back on it. Actually the kids were absolutely amazing on the trip there and back, I just forgot how much I don't life traveling. Anyways on to more exciting things:
Mike's sister's family moved to Phoenix the day after Christmas. We are sooo excited that they are only a 5 hour drive away. Now if we can just get the rest of the family to move there (or here :) ) Michael was outside and saw Austin and Avery (un)raking the leaves together. They had so much fun!
The only reason to rake leaves in a pile is to jump into it! So fun!

Here is Holden and Nicholas with the babies.
Michael's other sister, Natalie and family, was down in Phoenix for a family reunion so we were able to see them for a little while too. So darn fun! Here is little Annie and Avery. They are only 6 months apart and will hopefully be best cousins growing up. (It was so hard to get them to both look and smile. This was the best shot I got.)
Here's Pierson, Michael, Luke, Avery, Joshua, Annie, and James in a photo shoot. I seriously took so many pictures and this is the closest I got to everyone smiling and looking. I've oficially decided that seven kids would be hard!

While in AZ we also went and visited Derek and Monica, one of Mike's bffs. We spent anight with them and they were so cute and had everything ready for us when we got there and made the yummiest breakfast for us the next morning (or should I say Monica did). Thanks guys for a great time.

On our way home. Doesn't Avery just look so excited to be in the car? I am so glad that we have a car with a dvd player. We watched Dora the Explorer for a good portion of the ride home. Since then we only talk of Swiper the fox and how he stole the necklace and threw it on top of star mountain. Oh and then how we use a rope to get up there. Avery will go up to neighbors and say "swiper take necklace" mumble mumble "throw it on star mountain" mumble mumble "we need a rope". Or "Swiper no swiping.... oh man!" It has been really exciting here at the Adams' household if you can't tell. If you want to play Dora, come on over cause Avery is BOots.
He has no idea what's in store for him. Luckily he slept 3/4 of the time. Hallelujah!

We made it back in time for Michael to get a day of work in before his mom came on New YEar's Eve, but that is another post another day :)


Cookies for Santa equals...
(Do you like Avery's one-eyed gingerbread man or what) Presents under the tree for a really cute little girl.
And that equals...
A super cute dressed up Avery that was soooo excited to take her scooter outside.

And a pop star Avery... super diva.
I made cinnamon rolls for neighbors on Christmas morning (what was I thinking) so Avery had to just play with her stocking stuffers (like I did growing up... we were late present openers). Michael (especially) and Avery kept bugging me every 5 minutes to open presents. Finally, we were able to open them and everybody was really excited. I got a new sewing machine (yay!) and Michael got a surf board/wet suit and his favorite... a Makita tool set (thanks David!). Avery and Pierson got a lot of toys to make our life more exciting.

We went to Michael's aunt Marcia's house for Christmas dinner. It was so so yummy. It topped a perfect Christmas.

Surprise Pierson!

Giggly boy.

Avery and Pierson Christmas 2009. Ah, the memories.

Christmas Eve

We made the decision to stay at home this Christmas after much, much debating. We were sad not to be with family but we had a great Christmas anyways. Rob and Kari, our family bff, invited us to hang out with them, and so we did! Christmas Eve Family Picture 2009

The really cute kiddos

Super sweet baby Pierson (and baby Jesus)

All smiles!

And our forever adorable Avery (with a messy mouth and lopsided pigtails)!

Besties: Old and New!

The week before Christmas Brittney, my dear old friend from BYU, came to visit for a couple of days with her baby James while Sam her hub was on a ski trip. It was soooo much fun and I wish wish wish that Brittney was my neighbor. We would have so much fun together and so would our boys. Here they are! Brittney and I are going to frame these pictures for their college dorm room. Oh and isn't Pierson huge? He's like 3 months younger and almost just as big... oh wait maybe he is just as big.
Can't leave Avery out of the picture taking fun! She liked having another baby around and while Brittney was probably glad to get James away from Avery, Avery loved James.
I think Pierson might be jealous in this picture, his sis is talking to another baby! What?!
This isn't the picture I wanted to post but I guess it will have to do cause I don't want to go back and repost it. They all still look cute, right?
It really was so much fun to have Brittney here with James. It is fun to see her as a mom. She is such a beautiful ,mommy and it was so fun to hear her talk to James and just function as a mom. I love her! Oh and notice how we were smart enough not to take pictures of ourselves :) Thanks Brit for coming and I can't wait till you visit Sam's family again so we can see you. Sorry we never made it to the beach, maybe next time we won't have as many nap times going on :)

O Christmas Tree

We found our pretty green tree! Thanks Home Depot!

Christmas Eve... the poor tree was brittle and dead.

Just in case...

I was last minute getting our cards out so here it is:

We took our pictures at Orange Circle where there are tons of cute vintage shops and a really big Christmas tree. Our friends Josh and Kristen took them for us, thanks guys!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Merry Christmas...

Michael, Pierson and I were asked to be in the live nativity for this huge community creche. We only had to do it for an hour and I must say it was a pretty awkward hour. FIrst I look hecka cute right? Second, the stools they gave us were weird heights and you couldn't get comfy on them. Third, people asked the same questions all night (is that a real baby? Is he just laying there? Is that your baby?) And fourth, so many people (who we did not know) took our pictures.

BUt I do have to say that the community creche was really cool. People from all over the community brought their different nativity sets and they were all displayed at our church building. There was live music that was really impressive. It was a great activity to focus on the reason for the season :)