Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Valentine's Day

Was a Monday and we had dinner group. I cooked dinner and we shared it with some of our favorite people...

Here is Michael and I cheesing it up
Leah and Gwen.... husbandless. They were probably just as happy with each other.
The little babes. They sure were little.
The bigger kids, but they are still really little.
These two are some of Avery's favorite people (even though R doesn't look as excited).
And here is my chubby cheeked baby drinking from a goblet. Oh he was so little!

This year for Valentine's Day didn't really seem much like Valentine's at all. We did go and surprise Michael at work for lunch. But Michael had to go to mutual (youth group) so the kids and I did our normal Tuesday routine. I didn't even take one picture. How lame am I?

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