Saturday, February 12, 2011

My kids...

Wear flip-flops!

If you know Michael then you know he can't stand things between his toes. Actually he can't stand anything between anyone's toes.

If you know me then you know my favorite pair of shoes is flip-flops. There is nothing better than flip-flopping it around town.

So I have been nervous that my kids would turn out like Michael (in the shoe wearing category). I bought flip-flops for Avery last year and she told me that they felt yucky. But she saw some at Old Navy the other day and decided that she wanted to try them. We got Pierson a pair too and they both love them. YAY for the easiest pair of shoes to put on (and for Pierson, take off).


Happy Anniversary to Us! (2 days ago)
Don't judge me... we forgot to take a picture all night and so we are 2 seconds away from getting in bed and I had no make-up on. Bad combo.

After Avery's Birthday...

Avery fell in love with pretending to be Mary. Our ward holds a Creche every Christmas and displays nativities from people throughout the community. They had a children's room where the kids got to dress up and pretend to be the nativity and take pictures. Avery made a perfect Mary and Pierson was Joseph.
Doesn't he make a handsome Joseph? He loved dressing up and watching everyone else dress up too.

He made a great wiseman too...
We let Avery play in the nativity for 20 minutes or so and when we left she lost it. She did not want to take off her Mary costume. We have done many Mary and Joseph dress ups at home since then.

Avery is excited for next year when we get to dress up and pretend to be Mary again.