Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Flashback

I have totally had camera amnesia lately and always miss important events because of it. Luckily I have a great mother in law who has it together and will take pictures and send them to me. So here is a little bit about our super fun Thanksgiving break in good ol' Idaho. Avery and I were very smart and had an early Thanksgiving breakfast in the nice warm house while outside...
Michael and his friends played a little but manly Turkey Bowl. Here are some of the guys right before the game... Jeff's nephew, Michael (Wendy), Andrew, Jeris, Derek, David, Jeff, and another Jeff nephew. Others showed up soon after the picture. They played forever so I assumed they had a great time. I was a terrible wife and didn't even watch one second of it... sorry Michael.

This is Avery sitting on top of her Christmas present from Grandpa and Grandma Adams... what could it be?
A rocking chair! Woohoo! Just her size! She seriously loved this chair. She sat on it for quite a while twisting around every which way. The chair was made by the federal penitentiary in Ft. Leavensworth... cool huh?! Its always fun to have interesting facts about presents! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

This is the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The whole family went to the Garzas for FHE. This is Jennifer, Isabell, and Avery! Avery loved her cousins and had such a blast with them.

We had a little birthday party for Avery after FHE. Avery is focused on the cake. She couldn't wait to have a piece of it.

We gave her a piece of the leftover cake that had chocolate frosting to appease her. She loved it...

as you can tell! After Christmas Avery is going to wonder what happened. Since Thanksgiving she has opened presents each week. Two birthday parties, early Christmas, Christmas equals... oh goodness... one spoiled baby from Now 25- Dec25.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Birthday Videos

Birthday Catch Up

After the last post...
Kiara came over and brought Avery a birthday surprise before she went to work. She got AVery Hortin and some balloons (avery's favorite).
Later that evening we went to Grandma's to have a party! Grandma had it decorated really cute and bought pizza for everyone. Yum.

Here is the birthday girl who does not like to wear her birthday hat. Sad day.

Here is the sad little cake that I made her... at least I tried.

Avery loved it! And that is all that matters!

Here is my messy baby that really loved the cake and ice cream free for all!

Some party guests: Chiea, Grandma Great, Brooklyn, Faith, Susan, Jen....

Me, Avery, Kamala, Becca....



McRae... and others not pictured... Megan.

Faith and Brooklyn did a great job helping Avery open her presents!
Avery loved the soft outfit that Grandma Great got her! She LOVES her Grandma Great!

We were supposed to have another birthday party for Avery on Saturday, but I am getting old and was partied out so I cancelled it. But Auntie Anj loved Avery so much that she brought her a huge panda that Avery can sit on. Ave LOVES it. She will shove her head into the panda head and hug it and kiss it. She thinks it is great.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Avery is 1 and this is my 100th post! It is like the most exciting day of my life! It's only 7am so expect more posts on this super terrific spectacular day.